Finding out I'm pregnant for the 3rd time!

OK, so here is the story of the day I found out I was pregnant for the THIRD time.  Joey was already in Utah, the boys and I were staying at my parents house, and we were flying out the next day.  I had kind of started to think I could be pregnant, but I assumed my period was late because we had so much going on and I was stressed.  I had made Major a doctor appointment in Owensboro so he could be up to date on his immunizations.  
Side note: only picture I took that day:

After we left his appointment, I decided to run in Kroger and get a pregnancy test.
Now yall know moms cannot ever get a freaking minute to pee alone, so I went in the bathroom with an audience and took the test.  Positive.  I don't recall what I whispered to myself, but it was definitely a curse word.  Baby #3, know I love you with all of my heart, but I was not expecting this!!
I didn't have time to process it, so I stuck the test in a drawer and went on about the day.  Later I snuck back up to the bathroom to make sure the test really was positive.  It was the most definitive double pink line it could be.  I hadn't told anyone I had taken the test, and I planned on not telling anyone until after we got to Utah and I could let my husband be the first to know.  I wanted to tell him in person so I could see his face.  
That night all I could think about was, I am moving ACROSS the country, away from every single person we know, I'll have no support system, no babysitters and I am going to be in charge of 3 KIDS, ages 3 and under.
So the next morning we were leaving for Nashville early.  My mom was flying with us and my dad was dropping us off at the airport.  That morning I was SO stressed out.  I was worried it was obvious that I was pregnant and secrets stress me out, I was beyond stressed about flying with two toddlers, traveling all day, a layover, and mostly worried about the fact that our tickets had us all seated separately.  I was so stressed out that I was making myself sick.  I didn't know if it was morning sickness or just stress, but either way I felt like I was going to throw up any minute.
I couldn't take it anymore and I had to tell my mom what was going on.  She was running around getting stuff together, we were supposed to walk out the door in about 15 minutes and I say, "Mom, I have to tell you something" and then I burst into tears.  "I'm pregnant and I'm about to throw up."  I'll never forget her face, haha! I definitely took her by surprise.  She kept saying, "Its ok, its ok.  Its a good thing!"

Fast forward to that night at the hotel.  We made it through the day without me throwing up, and as soon as the day was over I felt fine, so I'll chock it up to stress, not morning sickness.
After weeks we were all finally reunited with Joey! So that night, we are at the hotel about to go to sleep.  Major was sleeping in a pack n play in my mom's room and Shepherd was sleeping in bed with us.  I tell him that I have to tell him something...I'm pregnant.  He's like, "You're joking, turn off the light, lets go to sleep."
After I convinced him I was serious, he was ecstatic. Later, after we had turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep, Joey said he couldn't sleep because he was so excited.

I am about 15 weeks now and the baby is due mid March!
Some things I plan on blogging about, now that our pregnancy is announced:
1st trimester update
How we accidentally found out the gender
Why I am now having to consider a C-section


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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I found your blog by searching for vbac birth stories. I also recently moved to the salt lake area and I love your posts about fun things to do with kids here. I look forward to hearing more about your pregnancy :)