our new car! and a story about Major.

So we didn't get the van or the Armada...we got an Expedition.  I feel a little silly/excessive/indulgent having this gigantic thing, but I guess with three kids in car seats, a large vehicle is necessary.

So yesterday I was sitting outside while the boys were playing.  I was trying to read and in an hour and a half I got through 6 pages because I kept having to jump up and keep someone from impending death.  

At one point, about 5 seconds after I had last looked up, I see Major over on the side of the yard that is unfinished and basically wilderness with the threat of snakes, playing in a woodpile.  Of course he won't come to me, so I have to make it through the rocky dirt in my bare feet to get him.  After that, again, I had just looked up, and I look up again and don't see him anywhere.  I jump up and realize the gate on the side of the house is open (its never open) and he has escaped the yard.  Of course I can't just run to him, because again, I am barefoot and instead of mulch here, everyone has tiny little rocks that are impossible to walk on.  But I have no choice so I make my way over the rocks to keep him from running into the road.  After that I was done so we went inside.
So today, I am in the bathroom getting ready, and the boys are watching Daniel Tiger in the living room.  Shepherd, my rule following first born, runs in to me, panicked and trying to get out what he wants to tell me.  I finally gather that he is telling me that Major is outside.  Thats right, he has somehow unlocked two locks and opened the back door. 

 Thank God Shepherd ran to tell me or I literally may have lost him.  Now we have to buy a child safety thing for the door handle.  He is only 19 months old, I'm terrified for what I'm going to be dealing with as he gets older! 


  1. I wanted to give your readers some insight as to what made me choose this new car. We took it for a test drive and I was absolutely impressed with the way the instrument panel was designed. Not only is everything easy to see day or night, you can quickly reach the controls you need without having to change your driving.

    Douglass @ Viva Kia

  2. I am liking the new car. I have been driving sedans and hatchbacks for my entire life. This was mainly because of fuel economy and it was always what I was most comfortable with. I have always like SUVs though and they just seem so much more practical when you are going somewhere and you need room for multiple people.

    Paige Hollingsworth @ Baldwin Motors Lincoln