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Big Brother...every other year you get the casting right.  This year, we aren't impressed.  I miss Beastmode Cowboy! Doesn't stop us from looking forward to Thursday every week so we can watch all 3 episodes back to back. 

House of Cards.  Our current binge watch situation. Frank and Claire do not play and thats what we love about them.

Fear the Walking Dead.  Love.  But I really can't wait to have Rick Grimes back in my life.

Who's watching Bachelor in Paradise?  I'll buy whatever they're selling.  All 4+ hours of it.

Perks of your husband working at Coke:

Plus our family and friends with weird names:

One reason I love my sister in law (aka the only person who reads this ;)

Grocery shopping has entered a new realm of impossible. I used to have Major in his infant car seat and just put that in the cart. Now that he's bigger he has to ride in the cart and he refuses to stay in it. If he's in the seat he climbs out and if I put him in the big part of the cart he throws out all of my groceries. Everywhere here has these fun carts, but they only keep them entertained for so long. 


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