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I hate potty training.  And all I can think is, I have to do this 3 times!

You may remember I fractured my tailbone when I had Major.  Well 19 months later and it still hurts, so Joey ordered me a tailbone pillow to sit on.  He then pointed out that if I were to bring it anywhere people would think I have hemorrhoids, so I won't be taking it out of the house.  Side note: another reason I hate potty training...today Shepherd peed on my pillow, even though the bathroom was 10 steps away.  GRRR.

These chocolates are the best ever.

We are car shopping and trying to figure out what we want to buy.  We need something with a third row to accommodate three car seats.  Let me tell you something about my husband.  He has a one track obsessive mind about certain things.  I know that now that he's started car shopping we'll probably have a new one within the week because he gets so focused.  Now, we do not agree on what we want.  I personally want a Honda Odyssey.  I've agreed to look at whatever he comes up with, but I just think a van makes the most sense, and anyone I know who has an Odyssey loves it.  He wants an SUV, a Nissan Armada is his current pick.  I'm like, lets get over ourselves.  We are NOT cool, we have THREE kids, lets just EMBRACE THE MINIVAN.  We'll see what happens.  There have been multiple times in our marriage that I've just given in because I know he's not going to let it go.  But I want a mom van :)

Our Coke fridge:
We love that Joey gets a big discount on Coke products :)

Last weekend we met up with some other families from my MOPS group I joined at church.  This was the cutest little place with shops and a scavenger hunt to find different themed witches.  I told Joey I bet it is so cute at Christmas.

Shepherd was not a fan of the witches.

This guy however, loved it.


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  1. I hear you about the potty training- it felt like a 3 month process and then once it was all said and done we would have random regressions for emotional reasons.... so fun!

    Also- Nick is exactly the same about the car. He picked out a Volvo SUV for it's 3rd road, like a year ago and waited till the it came out this summer and was like one of the first people to order it. He would send me email updates about it and tell me all the features of it, meanwhile, I'm like, whatev!