So, we've been keeping some big news!
Baby Lawhorn #3 is on the way!

I found out the day before the boys and I were flying to Utah.  I couldn't even tell Joey right away, I had to go through an entire day of traveling, haha!  I wanted to see his face when I told him.
I'll post next week about finding out and telling Joey.
I am 14 weeks!
I will share this sweet story.  I had my first doctors appointment this past Wednesday.  Joey brought the boys in for the ultrasound and Major was SO SWEET.  He was so concerned about me.  He kept looking at Joey and Shepherd and giving each of them a kiss, then looking over at me and patting my arm and holding my hand.  He is going to be such a sweet and fun big brother.  I'm sure Major will be getting #3 in trouble and Shepherd will be attempting to keep them all in line.
Can't wait to be a family of 5!


  1. Congrats lady! This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear what you're having and all the other good news! Even though C isles than a year, I'm already having baby fever again- if only Nick would get on board with my plan ;)

    1. Thanks Jessica! I don't know what I'm getting myself into ;) LOL! Can't wait to follow along with your move.

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    1. Thanks, Kelsey! Congrats on your new business! You have a lot going on and it all seems to be going well :)