This is the Place Heritage Park

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we went to This is the Place: Heritage Park.  Such a weird name.  The park is located where Brigham Young, the leader of the Mormon pioneers, declared they would settle.  The park had historic buildings and homes, it had a ton of stuff to do.  We went on a Sunday so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  We want to go back on a Saturday to see more.
Our main reason for going was that we knew they had a train.  We can't let a weekend go by without a train ride.  Our friend (who happens to also be Joey's boss) Ginny went with us and we are all on a mission to see every train in the surrounding area.
Shepherd was so excited.  We found the train depot and he would.not.move.  Joey and Ginny took Major to walk around, but Shepherd refused to leave his spot.  He was very concerned we would miss the train, even though there wasn't a single other person around us.  So Shep and I sat and waited!

Playing with his Thomas train.  Every time we ride a train, he asks if Thomas can ride too.

This is Shepherd's secondary embarrassment face:

Could he be any more precious!!?

The train is here and we got the exact seat he wanted! 


Another train!

Playing in the little kid size village.

Checking out the baby chicks.

I really felt like I was in the old West.  I guess I kind of am.

We spotted a deer!  Ginny and Major checking it out.

This is what I want my backyard to look like.  Major had so much fun wading through this little creek and throwing rocks.

Right next to the creek was a pirate ship.  Shepherd checking it out:

We were cracking up at these two.  Shepherd is SO Joey's son.  Joey said when he was little he would come inside from playing and all the other kids would be filthy and he would not have any dirt on him. Anyway, we were laughing so hard because Major was SOAKING wet, jumping in the water, he had dirt all over him...and Shepherd was somehow completely dry and perfectly clean.  Even with Major jumping and splashing.  So funny.

This little guy and one of his friends wandered up to the creek while the boys were playing.  So cool!

Trying to catch up on our weekend adventures.  The Monday of Labor Day we stayed home most of the day and ventured out to do a little shopping.  

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