you are my Sunday afternoon.

You may have noticed things look a little different around here!
I've never felt more fancy ;)

Since (its probably obvious) I know nothing about how to do things with blogs, I decided to find someone to fix it up for me.  I've been wanting to update it for awhile now and finally got around to it when I found this etsy listing.
I've mentioned before that I chose the old blog title "Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls" back in like 2008 by googling quotes while trying to come up with a name.  It was good, but for today's post I thought I'd share how I came up with the new blog name:
You Are My Sunday Afternoon

Doesn't that title just drum up happy memories?
When Shepherd was a baby, his favorite book was called You Are My Work of Art.  It is the sweetest book and we still have it, with a lot more love and tape holding it together.

Our favorite page was about the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.
You are my Sunday Afternoon,
My stroll around the lake,
You are the breeze and morning dew.
What memories we'll make.
Shepherd would always point out the monkey, the sailboat, the puppy, the umbrellas...

Joey actually bought me a print of the painting for Christmas one year to hang in our daughter's room, if we ever have a daughter.
Anyway, I always wanted to change my blog name and I've finally gotten around to it, along with a little bloggy facelift.
I'm going to keep the website the same, even though it reflects the old name.  Because...I don't know how to change it ;)

Now a few of the pages are torn out, so I had to write the words back in from memory.

Hope you enjoy the new look :)