Trunk or Treat 2015

We will be going trick or treating in our neighborhood tomorrow night, but I wanted to include a separate post for the Trunk or Treat we went to at church last weekend.  I've never been to a trunk or treat and it was great! Way more cars than we would ever make it to houses.  I love the idea of going all out decorating the trunk, but I didn't actually realize thats something people do until the day of.
This year the boys are being Thomas and Percy, of course! I thought Shepherd would want to be Thomas, but he insisted on Percy.  He always talks about how Percy is his favorite. "He's my favorite because he does nice things. He's nice because he carries the mail."  Direct quote, I just asked him why he likes Percy the best.

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A few things off our October bucket list

Time to carve pumpkins!

Just like last year, this was the extent of Shepherd's pumpkin carving.  After talking about the pumpkins all day, when we actually got started he immediately said, "I am not doing this! It is too sticky!"

Our first of many viewings of "The Great Pumpkin."

My attempt at a Thomas the train pumpkin.  Things started going downhill around the mouth area.

My "secret sister" from my MOPS group gave me a mix for monster cookies so we all made them together.  They turned out pretty cute! And they tasted delicious!

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NBA game

So we got to have the coolest date night last week.  Way cooler than we are ;) We got 2nd row seats to a Utah Jazz game thanks to Joey's boss.  Our tickets included dinner...the real highlight for this pregnant girl!

I was trying not to be a total loser and take a million pictures, but I managed to be stealth with a few ;)
Overlooking downtown Salt Lake City, the capital is right behind us!

So you took an elevator up to this private floor and entered a room with all windows.  On one side, the windows overlooked the court.  

The other side overlooked downtown, with views of the capital building and the Salt Lake temple.

The dinner was served buffet style, but this wasn't the Sizzler ;) (Did ya'll know Sizzler is still a thing? They are all over Utah.)  They had King crab legs and huge shrimp, chicken and beef, cheeses and bread, soups and sides and a big dessert bar.  So yummy!  They also had unlimited wine and beer, not that I could have any!

One more :)

Walking into the arena:

So close!!

During halftime they had a special lounge with snacks, and unlimited drinks.  Joey said something about these people were just upstairs with us, how are they hungry again? I said if we had really paid that much for our tickets I'd be sticking rolls in my purse ;)

We had a Kentucky moment because Trey Lyles, who played for UK, now plays for Utah.  Of course a former Wildcat played pretty much the entire game ;)

On the court!

We had such a fun night! And the boys were perfect for my grandma, who watched them.  I was nervous to leave Major but he went to bed easily for her and everything.
Thanks Coke!
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our very 1st home.

Thank you for allowing me to go on yesterday! Its good to have this outlet ;)

We officially sold our house and were so relieved.  We are SO thankful that our home sold relatively quickly and to not be paying a mortgage and rent!  I hope that the new couple that bought it will have many happy memories there!  I will always love this house.  I know lately it seems like all I talk about is myself crying, but I really cry looking at these pictures.  I'm thankful for the bittersweetness though, because that tells me that we did it right and have fond memories to look back on.
As much as I miss that yard, and wish I had a porch to decorate for Fall and my old kitchen to cook Christmas dinner in, I have to remind myself that renting for now is a small part of our bigger picture.
Here are the very last pictures we took of our very first home:

Joey hopes the new owners take care of all of his plants and I just wish they'd make their Insta profiles public so I can stalk my old house ;)
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