6 years!

Today we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. Do you ever see pictures of yourself and wonder what your younger self would have thought if you could have seen that picture of your future self?  Did that make sense?  We were talking about how if someone had told us on our wedding day where we'd be in 6 years, we wouldn't have believed them.  "In 6 years you'll be living in Utah, with 2 perfect little boys and your 3rd child on the way."  Crazy, but we are so happy and excited to see whats next.

And because I'm not good at narrowing down, here is a ridiculous amount of pictures from the last 11 years together!

Side note: I really have to dig for pictures from 2004 because that was pre-Facebook days, and I don't have time for that. 

Early dating days:

One of my favorite pictures, ever:

Our 2nd Halloween together, in 2005:

Fun night with friends:

On vacation with friends while I was in college, on a boat ride to celebrate Joey's birthday, 2007:

My college graduation, 2008:

Proposal, 2009:

Our wedding day, 2009:


At Joey's mom's house, before his brother and sister's high school graduation:

Maroon 5 concert:

Our Gender reveal party for Shepherd, 2011:

The day we brought Shepherd home from the hospital:

Graceland, 2012:

The beginning of our little family:

Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg, 2012:


Derby Day, 2013:

Shepherd's 1st birthday:

Mother's Day 2013. I found out I was pregnant with Major the next day:

Vacation with my family in Tybee Island, 2013.  Pregnant with Major:

Fall 2013, pregnant with Major:

Right after Major was born:

In the hospital with Major:

Vacation with friend in Hilton Head, 2014:

Going through a corn maze at a pumpkin patch, 2014:

Groomsmen and bridesmaid in our angels wedding (Caity and Josh!) 2014:

In Nashville at Opryland hotel:

Same trip, Nashville for Dave Barnes Christmas concert:

Celebrating Christmas in my hometown, 2014:

Christmas Day at our house, 2014:

Christmas Day 2014:

Major's 1st birthday:

On our way to the Amazon (after) Holiday party, 2015:

Easter Sunday, 2015:

Mother's Day 2015:

Derby Day, 2015:

Shepherd's 3rd birthday party, 2015:

Day out with Thomas, with a bunch of friends, 2015:

Day we put the For Sale sign up for our 1st home:

Officially living in Utah, Snowbird Peak:

Bridal Veil Falls:

Making the most of our weekends in Utah, exploring Antelope Island, 2015:

For our wedding day, we wrote our own vows.  We still agree that was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  From my vows:
"You are the type of person who will give me the life I want.  A life filled with laughter and family and fun."
I'm so thankful for a husband who dreams the same dreams I do.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You need to post a tutorial on how you curl your hair. You always have the perfect beach wavy curls with long or short hair!

    1. Thanks, Kelsey! I started using a straight iron to curl my hair after I cut it. I kind of do a spiral curl, but pull it straighter...and don't go all the way to the ends! My hairdresser here introduced me to Spray Wax...Paul Mitchell, from Ulta! I love it and it smells amazing! Look up the Michelle Money curl...she is the best!

    2. I will try all of those suggestions! Thanks, Jessica!