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Last week was the longest week ever.  It didn't help that all day Tuesday I would have swore up and down that it was Wednesday.  We were going to bed Tuesday night and I said something about tomorrow being Thursday and Joey corrected me and I thought he was joking.  I was so disappointed, haha.  Then to make it worse, on Wednesday, I got sick and it lasted through Friday.  Our week was long and boring and we didn't leave the house and I felt like death.  
Thankfully by Saturday I was feeling better, because we had family pictures scheduled.  Way before we ever knew we'd one day move to Utah, I loved this photographer's work.  So it was my on my Utah bucket list to have a family session with her.  I have never had professional family pictures taken because I knew the stress of getting everyone ready and looking good would be too much.  But a bucket list is a bucket list, so we made it happen.
Some pictures we took while we were waiting:

Joey took this one.  I told him it should win an Instagram award.  Precious perfection! The rainbow! You can kind of tell the rainbow is shining right on the Mormon temple in the background.  If we were Mormon, man.  Lol.  Joey captioned it: "The road less traveled."  So good.

I LOVE having these two little brothers so close in age.  Major loosens Shep up a little haha.

I thought Shep was rocking a little bit of a Kanye vibe here??

My mama's boy.  Love my mini me.

I'm hoping this week will be much better than last.  I'm still feeling a little sick.  I definitely had some type of stomach bug last week.  Vomiting and such, I can tell a difference between sick and pregnancy related-sick.  But now it is so weird, I feel like I usually feel in the 1st trimester.  Just not good.  I have no appetite and have been living off Cheerios because everything grosses me out.  Usually 2nd trimester is really easy for me.  Who knows, I guess every pregnancy is different.

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