Everyday 2015 :: 18

September 24:
Shepherd starts every night in his bed, and ends up in ours.

September 25:
Shep's Halloween costume came and he was more than excited!  The boys will be Thomas and Percy this year.

September 26:

September 27:
I found a ton of the exact same picture on my phone...Major's sweet little fat piggies.

September 28:
New car!

September 29:
Luckily he only does this when he's playing, not in the middle of the night.

September 30:
I felt like death and he had zero sympathy.  He didn't want anything in particular, just me to not sit down.

October 1:
I cannot explain how sweet these boys are to mine.  Not many 10 year olds are that inclusive of a 3 year old!

October 2:
I felt too sick on Oct 1st to remember to put the boys in their October pajamas, so they didn't get them until the 2nd.  We love October!

October 3:
On our way to our family pictures.  


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