Everyday 2015 :: 19

October 5:
Still in our pajamas for our walk to the park.

October 6:
Snuggling with Daddy for a few minutes while he was home on his lunch break.

October 7:
Playing outside.

October 8:
Shepherd looks ridiculous, but I love Major's face and how well he's using that fork!

October 9:
Culvers for dinner and ice cream! 

October 10:
Picking my grandma up from the airport!

October 11:
Visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

October 12: 
Riding the mall train.  We were at the mall to double check the gender of Baby #3.  They had an ultrasound place there.  Surprisingly the only early gender ultrasound place close to us.  I think with all of the big families in SLC I should open up a pregnancy spa or something!

Same day...I think Major looks so much like Joey here.

October 13:
Trains all day.  

October 14:
Playing outside on a hot day! I love his little squinty eyes.

October 15:
Reading his Thomas catalog with Grammy.  This was the smartest thing I've done recently...I requested a Thomas catalog online and so far they've sent us two.  He loves this thing! He sleeps with it!

October 16:
Pumpkin patch with Grammy.

October 17:
Celebrating our anniversary with...lunch at Macaroni Grill.  No shame, I love this place.

October 18:
Took my grandma up to Bridal Veil Falls.


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