Friday at the Pumpkin patch

Friday afternoon there was a health fair at Joey's work.  We met him there for lunch (they had four different food trucks) and so Grandma could see his office and we could all get our flu shots.  I didn't get to get mine because they needed a doctors approval since I'm pregnant.  Isn't the view from Joey's office beautiful?

Friday night we headed to the pumpkin patch near our house.  Now I have to say, 
Kentucky pumpkin patches > Utah pumpkin patches.  
There is just no comparison.  These Utes don't know what they are missing out on!
We were missing Boyd's Orchard :(

But anyway, some pictures from our night!
Walking in with Grammy:

Checking out the farm animals:

And now begins a million pictures of Shepherd yawning.  We ended up leaving early because he felt so sick.  

More yawns:


He is looking more and more like his Daddy, with my coloring.

We skipped buying a pumpkin because the line to weigh and purchase them was insane.

More yawns.  This was about the time it started going downhill.

Major trying to climb into the petting zoo.

So happy we have my grandma here to be with us!

You can tell Shep feels awful in that last picture! It was the weirdest thing, shortly after this it hit Major too and they were both miserable!  I could tell they both were running a fever and Major was inconsolable when I was trying to put him to bed.  They've never had a reaction to the flu shot before, but I wondered if they may have gotten too big a dosage since we were at a health fair.  They were both totally fine the next day, but it was just odd that they both felt bad at the exact same time.

Past Orchard trips:
(I could cry)


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