Hogle Zoo

The weekend before last we checked another thing off our Utah bucket list...Hogle Zoo.
It was maybe the nicest zoo I've been to.  All of the animals looked healthy and like they had plenty of room.  The train was our main priority and the first thing we did.  The carousel was also fun!  We went a little later on Saturday and it ended up being perfect.  The crowd was dying down and so was the weather, and we still had plenty of time to see everything.

Riding the train:

Looking at the elephants:

Eagle's nest:

Riding the carousel: 

Major LOVES the carousel!  He always hugs and kisses his animal.

Major kept doing the funniest thing all day.  They had a "Zoorassic Park" theme going on and all over the park had these huge, life like replicas of dinosaurs that actually moved and roared.  Shepherd was not a fan and made Joey hold him when we walked past any of them.  However, my little Major walked right up to them, looked them up and down, then would start jumping up and down roaring back.  He is fearless!


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