Its Friday!

A few pics from our Thursday, before we get to Friday. 
Yesterday was MOPS day. Major is still not a fan of the nursery at church. I'm pretty sure he makes someone hold him the entire time. I got a text from a nursery worker saying he was pretty upset so I went to get him early. He had a blast once he was with me, walking around the church while the speaker of the day finished up. 
This is what he thinks about the nursery:

Exploring the sanctuary:

After MOPS we went to Chick fil A to meet Joey for lunch. To my surprise, both boys actually are their entire meal. I love Major's face in this picture. He always has the funniest side eye. 

Playing in the play area after we finished eating:

After we got home and Major had his nap, the boys and I walked to the neighborhood park. It is just halfway around the block from us. It seems all of the neighborhoods here have their own parks. There are parks everywhere! I'm so glad Major is finally big/steady enough that I can let him do his thing on the playground and not have to follow him around the entire time. He is fearless. Here he is mastering the ladder:

Now, on to Friday. 
We are so so excited! Tomorrow, my grandma is getting here.  
Thats right, my grandma, of Instagram fame ;)

Ol Grammy got herself an iPhone.  I told my sister she was supposed to give her a lesson before setting her loose in the wild.  InstaGrammy posted the same selfie twice, and when Joey liked it she texted him and said she looked drunk.  He told her she wouldn't be the first person to post a drunk pic to Instagram ;)

She is staying with us for 2 weeks!  I feel so lucky to have a grandma who will/can travel across the country to see us.
She won't get here until late Saturday night, so Saturday evening we're meeting up with my MOPS girls at a pumpkin patch with everyone's families.   We might drive to Provo on Saturday afternoon, because Freshly Picked moccasins are having a warehouse sale.  I don't know, stuff like that stresses me out.  You have 10 minutes to shop so I'm assuming its crazy.  I'll let you know if we go ;)

Other things of note this weekend:
Actually just one thing. The Walking Dead is BACK.  I am telling you this is the best show on television.  It hasn't been on for months and I swear I still think about it every day.  I love this show!


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