Our weekend.

{October 9-11, 2015}

So we are so excited because our house officially sold on Friday! The closing was that morning and we were so relieved to have that off our hands.  Definitely bittersweet because we loved that house, but it is not fun paying a mortgage for a house you don't live in! Caity drove past it and said it was so sad to see people moving into our house :(  Sometime soon I'm going to do a post with pictures from our KY house and a few pictures from our new apartment.

Anyway, so Friday night we wanted to celebrate, so we went to Culvers for dinner and ice cream.
The boys were actually halfway behaved in a restaurant #thankyoujesus.

On Saturday morning, Freshly Picked and June and January were having a warehouse sale. When we lived in Kentucky I saw on Instagram a few times when they did this, and was always jealous! So when I saw on Instagram they were having one, I decided this was bucket list worthy and I take bucket lists very seriously, so we had to go.  No kids were allowed in, so Joey dropped me off and took the boys to Walmart.  The line was wrapped around 3 sides of the building and they were letting about 30-40 people in at a time, then you had 10 minutes to shop.  I stood in line about an hour and was I think the second to last group to go in.
Trying to decide which color I wanted.  Even though they were discounted, I still didn't want to spend $120 on moccasins ;)  I got blue for Major and yellow for Shep.

Freshly Picked HQ:

I also got a few June and January items for the new baby and an outfit for Major. Yay!

Saturday night, my grandma's flight arrived! Major fell asleep in the car so Joey dropped Shep and I off at the airport entrance and we went in to wait for her.  It was late so both of the boys were already in their pajamas :)
This boy is happy anywhere as long as he has a train to play with!

She's here! And we have her for 2 weeks! So excited!

Sunday morning we went to church, then Fazoli's for lunch afterwards.  My mom sent the cutest shirts for them:
Little ones to Him belong:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made:

After lunch we went home to rest a bit and let Major nap, then we all headed back out to drive into Salt Lake City and see Temple Square.  I'll do a 2nd post on that, because I took a ton of pictures ;)

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