taking my grandma to Temple Square.

I feel like Temple Square is just something you have to see if you come to Salt Lake City.  The Mormon religion is such a driving force of everything here, it is really interesting to see their main spot. Its also really pretty!
Sunday afternoon we drove into SLC to look around.  We mainly wanted to see the rooftop garden on top of the Conference Center so that was our first stop. 

Twice a year the Mormons have a conference here where their leaders speak and it seats 21,000 people.

Up on the roof.  Our tour guide said these type of trees have roots that grow out instead of down.

Pretty sunset over Utah.

The beginning of the waterfall that goes down each level of the building.

All he cared about was his new Thomas toy.

With the temple in the background.

Checking out the pretty, serene water in front of the Temple.  Well, serene until my boys got to it ;)

You aren't allowed to go in the temple, but inside the visitors center they have a big replica that shows what is inside.  Notice the very bottom left, they have a baptism room, with the baptism water on top of like 12 gold ox or something. 

I believe this was inside the Assembly Hall?

Inside the Mormon Tabernacle where the choir performs.

So happy to have my grandma with us!

We couldn't figure out the significance of the celestial vibe.  I think Mormons believe in different levels of Heaven or something?  This statue was inside their 2nd visitor center.  One visitor center is all about the life of Jesus and the second visitor center is all about the Mormon religion and how it got started.  This was in the Jesus center.


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