the boys right now.

A few quirks I want to remember!


The train obsession is REAL.  I am not exaggerating when I say every second of his day has some relation to trains.  He sleeps with a train every night, as soon as he wakes up he starts playing with his track.  If he's watching TV, he is also playing with his trains while he watches.  Whenever he watches the iPad, the only thing he will watch is what comes up when we search "Thomas toys."  He knows everything about trains...he actually calls them engines.  He can tell you their parts and what they do.   He knows all of the Thomas characters and what color they are, what their job is, what their personality is.  I will be so sad the day he stops loving trains.

He hates wearing clothes.  As soon as we walk in the door he takes his pants off and his underwear.  As soon as he wakes up in the morning he takes is pajamas off.  If we are home, he is naked.

His favorite place is Walmart.  Because of the toy aisle.  Specifically the Thomas the Train toys.  Every time we pass a Walmart (which is often, Utah has a Walmart on every corner) he yells, "Theres Walmart!"  When we had our family pictures taken last week, he was singing a song he made up about Walmart.  Joey told the photographer it is embarrassing how much our child loves Walmart ;)

For a few weeks he kept telling us about his friend, Ryan.  "Ryan's coming over." "Ryan will be here soon." "Ryan has a lot of toys." "Ryan likes trains."  We kept asking him where he met Ryan, we thought maybe it was a little boy from church.  But he said he met him at our house, so it was obviously an imaginary friend.  I was worried we had scarred him by taking him away from all of his Kentucky friends that he felt he had to start making stuff up.  Well one day he was watching the iPad and he says,  "Mom, theres Ryan!" It was a little boy in the Youtube videos he watches! I was so relieved!


You would think he never eats, because every time we do feed him, he yells "YAY!" and runs to sit at the table.

Speaking of eating, if I give him an Oreo, he only eats the middle icing, never the cookies.

Every night when he's going to bed, Joey hands him to me to nurse him and he says, "bye!" to Joey and signs "I love you" at the same time.  But his "bye" is so southern, it sounds like "bi."

I've mentioned this before, but it is still going on...he loves wearing shoes.  He can put his red boots on by himself and he'll put them on and wear them all day.  If I say its time to get dressed he says "Yay!" and runs to me.  He has the fattest little feet.  His summer sandals fit him fine, but I'll probably have to get special Wide shoes for winter.  

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