How can people be so rude!?

Today I had the rudest experience ever as a parent.  
I took the boys to Trader Joe's for a few things.  Its the day before Thanksgiving, so of course its super crowded.  I let the boys push the kid cart and they start fighting over literally losing their minds, screaming, crying...every parent's dream in the middle of a crowded store.  I'm not exaggerating, everyone was staring at us.  It was bad. I'm trying to calm them down and hold myself together because its really embarrassing.  I take them to the bathroom, because the last thing I need is for Shep to have an accident on top of the double meltdown.  Both stalls are full so we're waiting, both boys still screaming and crying because I took the cart away.  I can hear a woman in the stall making comments like "oh my gosh!" and "are you kidding me!?" in a hateful voice.  So rude, but I think surely she'll come out and see I'm just a normal person who's trying, not to mention hugely pregnant.  Its not like I'm happy my children are disrupting the entire store.  But no! She comes out and GLARES at me. I was so mad!  I refuse to apologize for kids acting like kids, even if mine are acting like crazy kids at the moment.  It happens! 
So I say to her "oh I guess you never had kids" and she defends herself, responding with "Oh I did and I have grandkids and they behave!" How can you say that with a straight face!?  I just said, "Well I'm sure they were always well behaved" and she walked out. Not my greatest comeback, but I'm just proud I defended myself.  Usually I would think of what I wish I'd said hours later.  I do wish I'd reminded her to have a Happy Thanksgiving!  You old hag!
I wish I hadn't let it upset me because obviously that woman was just a bitch, but I cried the whole way home.  Its just so hard to do anything, and then it gets really hard and you have to deal with some rude woman judging you.
You know who are the most unreasonable people?  Small children.  They act like crazy people because they are crazy people.  They have big emotions and tiny bodies and they are trying to figure it all out.  And do you know who they look to, to help them figure it out?  Their parents.  Adults.  I could have lost my temper with them, I could have just left the store, I could have placed all the blame on them, loudly apologizing for my KIDS ACTING LIKE KIDS.  But thats not what I want to teach them.  I'm definitely not going to evacuate a full cart of groceries ;) So they are acting like wild animals because they're 1 and 3, but they will grow up and have learned KINDNESS from their parents, something this woman knew nothing about.

In the car before Trader Joe's...happier times ;) 

ANYWAY! Had to get that off my chest.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We can hardly wait because Caity gets here tonight! We're cooking a full meal tomorrow even though there are only 3 of us adults.  We have big plans for setting up the new train we got Shep to go underneath the tree.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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random ramblings.

When we were still planning on not finding out the gender, I couldn't help from ordering this cute little headband I saw online.  Major made such a cute girl ;)

As I'm sure is customary with a 3rd baby, I have to go to my calendar and count to figure out how many weeks I am.  (I just checked...I'm 23 weeks.) I do not remember being this uncomfortable this early with my other pregnancies.  I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I can't breathe, I moan every time I have to bend over, I can't sleep, my nose has been congested since the day I got pregnant, and I still have 4 months to go.  It gets worse as the day goes on.  By the time the boys are in bed, its all I can do to just move to different positions on the couch.  Had a midwife appointment today and all is well and our boy looks good! Next appointment I have the glucose test and I have an abnormal amount of anxiety over drinking that down in less than 5 minutes.  I did it with Shepherd but with Major they had the option to just eat jelly beans.  So much easier!

Last week Joey lost his keys. For a week we literally searched everywhere and blamed the whole thing on Major, thinking he snuck off with them.  Well a few days ago I went to put on my shoes and the keys were laying right underneath them, in the middle of our bedroom floor.  Sorry Maj ;)

A few days ago Coke was hosting a signing with Trey Lyles, who plays for Utah Jazz, but played for UK before joining the NBA.  We took the boys to get their You are a Kentucky Wildcat book signed.   I just noticed we are the same height when he is sitting down.  LOL.
Kind of on the same note, Kentucky played Duke this week and I cried from homesickness.  We won...Go Cats!

Last but not least..I don't even care, I love Justin Bieber.  Sorry is my favorite song. You would think I'm too old to google things like "who is love yourself about?" and "how old is selena gomez?" but no.

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Everyday 2015 :: 21

October 29:
He loves sitting in this little spot.

Bath fun :)

October 30:
He kept saying "I'm stuck I'm stuck!"

My angel :)

October 31:

November 1:

November 3:
Nana's in town so we got a date night! Red Lobster and yes I am wearing Joey's sweatshirt because I'm just fancy like that.

November 4:
A little peek at another precious boy! I can't wait to see what he will look like! 

Shopping with Nana and a ride on the mall train!

November 5:

November 6:
Nana's last night in town.  We had to go to Olive Garden because thats her favorite restaurant! It was delicious and the boys were actually pretty good ;)

November 8:
Early morning cartoons with this guy.  

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weekend recap and the museum!

I'm embarrassed to say that last week I left the house one time. An exciting trip on Monday night to Walmart right around bedtime. Tuesday it snowed and Wednesday I got sick and stayed that way all week. I still felt bad this weekend but I think I just need to get used to it, because I'm assuming it's just pregnancy. I'm so sick of feeling sick :( Anyway I was going stir crazy and needed out! Saturday I went out by myself for a bit, to lunch and had a pedicure. Sunday we decided to take the boys to the children's museum in Salt Lake City! 

Major was pumped! I swear he gets cuter every second and I literally just drive him crazy all day squeezing him.  

I got his outfit at the June and January warehouse sale a few weeks back and it is so cute! He loved the ball exhibit. 

The boys loved the construction zone:

Major found this stroller and absolutely refused to let it go.  Joey had already taken Shepherd to the 2nd floor and I spent about 10 minutes trying to convince Major to leave the stroller to go upstairs, until Joey finally just said to let him bring it.  When I let him get on the elevator with it he really thought he was getting away with something ;)

Today I asked Shepherd what his favorite part of the museum was and he said the train tracks and those two little cars he's playing with here.  That green train is his that he brought, and he was making everything into a track for it all day :)

The helicopter was so fun!

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love this :)

Good to remember when I've been wallered on all day!
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mini mes

I found these pictures of me when I was little on our laptop.  We still can't get over our blonde hair blue eyed babies. 
I think Major really does more resemble Joey, just with my coloring, but I found one picture where I thought he kind of looks like me as a baby:

But it is no question, Shepherd is my little twin!

Please overlook the fact that we both look like we're deeply disturbed...I texted this picture to my sister.  It looks like I really am not happy about her. Haha!

 I wonder what Baby #3 is going to look like!

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my life revolves around trains.

Alternate title: #boymom

We talk trains all day every day.  Shepherd plays with trains from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed.  This morning it was literally 60 seconds from the time he opened his eyes and the time he was in the kitchen floor playing with his train track.  He sleeps with whichever one is his favorite that day.  Every weekend we usually try to find somewhere that has a train to ride.  When Shep watches the iPad he only wants to watch Thomas toy videos.  I know every single train's name in the Thomas franchise.  The book he picks out to read before bed is the Thomas toy catalog.  It amazes us that he knows every single train's name and their job and their personality.  Trains that aren't even on the show, I guess he's picked them up through Youtube.  The amount of money we've spent on $1.50 blind bags is staggering.

I get sad every time I think about how one day it will occur to me, "wow he hasn't played with his trains in awhile." I still remember exactly where I was when I realized it had been awhile since he'd mentioned kitty cats.  I think trains will outlast his former obsession with cats, but for now I'm relishing all of the trains. 
^This morning, getting Thomas set up on the iPad while he plays.^

Seeing him cuddled up with his trains while he sleeps, melts my heart!  He's been sneaking into our room every night, but he still makes sure to bring his train with him.

This night he wanted to sleep with the train case:

Carries a train everywhere he goes:

This face says it all!

He was so happy the day his Halloween costume came:

Trains can be found in all of our pictures :)

When we took our family pictures, I let them hold their trains...I wanted to remember what life really looks like right now :)

As long as he has a train, he can entertain himself anywhere!  He'll just plop himself down and start playing.

Can't wait to give him a train table for Christmas! We said we'd have to give it last, or he wouldn't want to open anything else.

Train lines everywhere!

Looking up trains online.  We were trying to figure out when they would start releasing new blind bags!

He will never let us throw away the box for trains, he likes to look at it in the car!
Also, if that is not the face of an angel...

He will tell you his absolute favorite place in the world is...Walmart ;)

The day this is not what my house looks like at all times, my heart will break a little bit:

Thank Heaven for little boys!
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