20 (1) week update with Baby #3

I'm technically 21 weeks, but I feel like I should have done a halfway point update.  

I can already tell he'll be just as cute as his brothers :) I know ultrasounds are very open for interpretation, but just grasping I think his jawline looks like Shep and his eyes look like Maj.  Now I wonder if he'll be blonde hair and blue eyes like them??  Maybe this will be our brunette baby like his daddy.
Profile looks like his brothers ultrasounds this far along!

I'm more than halfway through this pregnancy! I feel absolutely huge, and I'm much bigger than I was with Major and Shepherd at this point.  I can't worry about it.  I'm someone who is just hugely pregnant and thats just the way it is.

I had my anatomy ultrasound this week and it is definitely a boy! As if I had any question!
Thankful for a healthy report at the ultrasound, everything looked perfect!  He was weighing about 14 oz, so nearly a pound.

So as for movement: I have an anterior placenta AGAIN!  Three pregnancies, three anterior placentas.  Anterior placenta is when the placenta attaches in the front, so it cushions the babies movements.  Most placentas attach in the back and the baby is closer to the outside so you can feel their movements. They say its just completely random so I don't know how thats my luck that it happens every single time.  Just like with the other boys, I can't feel this baby moving.  This week has been the first time I've really felt him and its nothing like you expect.  It kind of feels like my stomach will randomly have a little muscle spasm.  But I kind of have to be sitting still to even notice it because its so faint.  During the ultrasound they said he was all over the place and I couldn't feel a thing.  Its so stupid :(

As for sleep: This week is the first time I've started to feel uncomfortable and had a hard time falling asleep.  I feel like I can't ever get my breath, especially when I'm laying down, so that also makes it a little hard.  Major still wakes up 2-4 times a night so I haven't been well rested in...almost 4 years. #myhusbandwouldclaimthesamethingandthatsabigfatlie
 OH and Shepherd has started sneaking to our bed every single night.  He is very stealth and we wake up never knowing what time he got in.

Maternity clothes: YES.  Listen, when I was pregnant with Shep I still tried to be cute.  Now I do not care, I want to be comfortable.

Symptoms: I am very lucky to have such easy pregnancies.  My worst "symptom" is the same each time: acid reflux.  I can take Zantac and Tums and that will put a little dent in it, but it is still pretty constant.  I can't find a link to anything I'm eating, because its just an all day thing, and I've only ever experienced it when I'm pregnant.

I hate bending over!! It is the worst!! I will do anything to avoid bending over.  Its not like my breath is cut off for a second, its worse.  Also, my belly is prohibiting me from getting close to cabinets and reaching stuff.

We still have not decided on a name.  Joey has a name picked out but I haven't totally agreed yet.  And no idea for a middle name.  Shepherd suggested we name him "Poop" so that is an option ;) Oh BOYS!!

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