Culture shock

The biggest difference between Utah and Kentucky, is how much of an influence the LDS religion has on everything here.  The Mormons seem to run this town.  Yes, Kentucky is kind of the Bible belt, and religion is very present, but it is on another level here.  Christians are the minority here.  The next county over, is 99% LDS.  Two little quirks related to this I thought were interesting...

I was filling out my paperwork for my new midwife, and it asks my religion!  Isn't that bizarre? I don't think the hospital is even LDS owned or anything.  Even so, in Kentucky I went to the Catholic St. Joe and was not asked my religion.  Joey said I should have just written, "Jesus."

Have you all been watching the new show, Quantico?  We are really liking it.  Well on the night it premiered, the news was on right before.  The news anchor had a whole spiel, with a disclaimer that on the show there is a Mormon character and he is not portrayed realistically or a good representation of the church.  He even said that the church had tried to talk to ABC about it.  Isn't that crazy??  Its a fictional show! Who cares!?  Apparently the Mormons.

All that being said, every Mormon we've met has been nothing but nice.  Its just a culture shock, for sure.

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