Donut Falls with Nana!

On Sunday we wanted to do some "Utah-y" with Nana, and Joey decided on Donut Falls since we've never been there.  It said online it was an easy 1/2 miles "hike" and that if it was any easier it would be paved.  Well we took the wrong path and spent about 3 hours making our way! It still was an easy "hike" and we had fun with the boys taking their time to explore.  Their exploring was mainly the reason it took 3 hours, I'm sure anyone else could have done it much quicker ;)

Please notice the presence of Gordon the train in almost all the pictures of Shepherd ;)

Major took every big rock as an opportunity to show off his jumping skills.

Love these brothers.  Can't wait until there are three of them!  They will have so much fun.

Most of the 3 hours we spent was waiting on Shepherd to show us what his new battery operated train could roll over.

We were looking at all of these roots growing down and Shepherd said he wanted to climb it.  He is definitely not a risk taker and is always so cautious so I said "go for it!" thinking he wouldn't actually do it, but great if he did.  Well he surprised all of us by climbing (with help from Dad) all the way to the top! Rhonda and I weren't sure how they were going to make their way back down, but they made it! We were all so proud of Shepherd :)

Of course, Major had to have a turn.  We didn't let him get very far ;)

I made a video of his train and we had to stop to watch Gordon climb over some rocks.

Nearly 3 hours in and Major decided he had enough and took a seat and waved at everyone who passed him.

As we were walking on the trail, people walking the other way were warning us that there was a gigantic moose up ahead, right on the trail. Donut Falls leads to a big waterfall, but right when we were getting close to it, we ran into this guy.  He really was right on the trail, about 6 feet away from the path.  Shepherd gets his cautious spirit from his parents and we didn't want to have to pass this guy so we turned around before we got to the waterfall.  It was really cool to see the huge moose!

Throwing rocks in the water:

These boys always tire themselves out and make Dad carry them home!


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