How can people be so rude!?

Today I had the rudest experience ever as a parent.  
I took the boys to Trader Joe's for a few things.  Its the day before Thanksgiving, so of course its super crowded.  I let the boys push the kid cart and they start fighting over literally losing their minds, screaming, crying...every parent's dream in the middle of a crowded store.  I'm not exaggerating, everyone was staring at us.  It was bad. I'm trying to calm them down and hold myself together because its really embarrassing.  I take them to the bathroom, because the last thing I need is for Shep to have an accident on top of the double meltdown.  Both stalls are full so we're waiting, both boys still screaming and crying because I took the cart away.  I can hear a woman in the stall making comments like "oh my gosh!" and "are you kidding me!?" in a hateful voice.  So rude, but I think surely she'll come out and see I'm just a normal person who's trying, not to mention hugely pregnant.  Its not like I'm happy my children are disrupting the entire store.  But no! She comes out and GLARES at me. I was so mad!  I refuse to apologize for kids acting like kids, even if mine are acting like crazy kids at the moment.  It happens! 
So I say to her "oh I guess you never had kids" and she defends herself, responding with "Oh I did and I have grandkids and they behave!" How can you say that with a straight face!?  I just said, "Well I'm sure they were always well behaved" and she walked out. Not my greatest comeback, but I'm just proud I defended myself.  Usually I would think of what I wish I'd said hours later.  I do wish I'd reminded her to have a Happy Thanksgiving!  You old hag!
I wish I hadn't let it upset me because obviously that woman was just a bitch, but I cried the whole way home.  Its just so hard to do anything, and then it gets really hard and you have to deal with some rude woman judging you.
You know who are the most unreasonable people?  Small children.  They act like crazy people because they are crazy people.  They have big emotions and tiny bodies and they are trying to figure it all out.  And do you know who they look to, to help them figure it out?  Their parents.  Adults.  I could have lost my temper with them, I could have just left the store, I could have placed all the blame on them, loudly apologizing for my KIDS ACTING LIKE KIDS.  But thats not what I want to teach them.  I'm definitely not going to evacuate a full cart of groceries ;) So they are acting like wild animals because they're 1 and 3, but they will grow up and have learned KINDNESS from their parents, something this woman knew nothing about.

In the car before Trader Joe's...happier times ;) 

ANYWAY! Had to get that off my chest.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! We can hardly wait because Caity gets here tonight! We're cooking a full meal tomorrow even though there are only 3 of us adults.  We have big plans for setting up the new train we got Shep to go underneath the tree.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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