my life revolves around trains.

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We talk trains all day every day.  Shepherd plays with trains from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed.  This morning it was literally 60 seconds from the time he opened his eyes and the time he was in the kitchen floor playing with his train track.  He sleeps with whichever one is his favorite that day.  Every weekend we usually try to find somewhere that has a train to ride.  When Shep watches the iPad he only wants to watch Thomas toy videos.  I know every single train's name in the Thomas franchise.  The book he picks out to read before bed is the Thomas toy catalog.  It amazes us that he knows every single train's name and their job and their personality.  Trains that aren't even on the show, I guess he's picked them up through Youtube.  The amount of money we've spent on $1.50 blind bags is staggering.

I get sad every time I think about how one day it will occur to me, "wow he hasn't played with his trains in awhile." I still remember exactly where I was when I realized it had been awhile since he'd mentioned kitty cats.  I think trains will outlast his former obsession with cats, but for now I'm relishing all of the trains. 
^This morning, getting Thomas set up on the iPad while he plays.^

Seeing him cuddled up with his trains while he sleeps, melts my heart!  He's been sneaking into our room every night, but he still makes sure to bring his train with him.

This night he wanted to sleep with the train case:

Carries a train everywhere he goes:

This face says it all!

He was so happy the day his Halloween costume came:

Trains can be found in all of our pictures :)

When we took our family pictures, I let them hold their trains...I wanted to remember what life really looks like right now :)

As long as he has a train, he can entertain himself anywhere!  He'll just plop himself down and start playing.

Can't wait to give him a train table for Christmas! We said we'd have to give it last, or he wouldn't want to open anything else.

Train lines everywhere!

Looking up trains online.  We were trying to figure out when they would start releasing new blind bags!

He will never let us throw away the box for trains, he likes to look at it in the car!
Also, if that is not the face of an angel...

He will tell you his absolute favorite place in the world is...Walmart ;)

The day this is not what my house looks like at all times, my heart will break a little bit:

Thank Heaven for little boys!

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