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When we were still planning on not finding out the gender, I couldn't help from ordering this cute little headband I saw online.  Major made such a cute girl ;)

As I'm sure is customary with a 3rd baby, I have to go to my calendar and count to figure out how many weeks I am.  (I just checked...I'm 23 weeks.) I do not remember being this uncomfortable this early with my other pregnancies.  I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I can't breathe, I moan every time I have to bend over, I can't sleep, my nose has been congested since the day I got pregnant, and I still have 4 months to go.  It gets worse as the day goes on.  By the time the boys are in bed, its all I can do to just move to different positions on the couch.  Had a midwife appointment today and all is well and our boy looks good! Next appointment I have the glucose test and I have an abnormal amount of anxiety over drinking that down in less than 5 minutes.  I did it with Shepherd but with Major they had the option to just eat jelly beans.  So much easier!

Last week Joey lost his keys. For a week we literally searched everywhere and blamed the whole thing on Major, thinking he snuck off with them.  Well a few days ago I went to put on my shoes and the keys were laying right underneath them, in the middle of our bedroom floor.  Sorry Maj ;)

A few days ago Coke was hosting a signing with Trey Lyles, who plays for Utah Jazz, but played for UK before joining the NBA.  We took the boys to get their You are a Kentucky Wildcat book signed.   I just noticed we are the same height when he is sitting down.  LOL.
Kind of on the same note, Kentucky played Duke this week and I cried from homesickness.  We won...Go Cats!

Last but not least..I don't even care, I love Justin Bieber.  Sorry is my favorite song. You would think I'm too old to google things like "who is love yourself about?" and "how old is selena gomez?" but no.


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