weekend recap and the museum!

I'm embarrassed to say that last week I left the house one time. An exciting trip on Monday night to Walmart right around bedtime. Tuesday it snowed and Wednesday I got sick and stayed that way all week. I still felt bad this weekend but I think I just need to get used to it, because I'm assuming it's just pregnancy. I'm so sick of feeling sick :( Anyway I was going stir crazy and needed out! Saturday I went out by myself for a bit, to lunch and had a pedicure. Sunday we decided to take the boys to the children's museum in Salt Lake City! 

Major was pumped! I swear he gets cuter every second and I literally just drive him crazy all day squeezing him.  

I got his outfit at the June and January warehouse sale a few weeks back and it is so cute! He loved the ball exhibit. 

The boys loved the construction zone:

Major found this stroller and absolutely refused to let it go.  Joey had already taken Shepherd to the 2nd floor and I spent about 10 minutes trying to convince Major to leave the stroller to go upstairs, until Joey finally just said to let him bring it.  When I let him get on the elevator with it he really thought he was getting away with something ;)

Today I asked Shepherd what his favorite part of the museum was and he said the train tracks and those two little cars he's playing with here.  That green train is his that he brought, and he was making everything into a track for it all day :)

The helicopter was so fun!


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