2015 in Review :: January-June

Confession: When I started this post I put "2014" and thought it looked weird so had to look up what year it is.  That right there sums up the year.  Having two little boys has turned my brain to mush ;)

January 2015:
We celebrated my 29th birthday and Major's 1st birthday!  

At beginning of the month Major got sick for the first time and was pitiful!  We went to the Amazon holiday party, got lots of snow that pretty much shut down the city, including Amazon (which never happens!) and Joey got a fun snow day with us, and I went a little darker with my hair color. (Documenting all of the important things from our month ;)

I love March!  Looking back on this month, I'm so excited to have a March baby.  Everything is warming up, Spring is coming, flowers are blooming, even if its still cold you convince yourself it isn't and go outside anyway.  This month we got outside, celebrated Mills' birthday, ate lunches on the deck, cheered on UK during March Madness, celebrated Amy's birthday by going back to our favorite college bar and having so much fun, and Major continued climbing on every single surface and wearing me out!  We ended the month with a trip to the aquarium with my family!

Shepherd's first trip to the dentist, we went to Owensboro for Easter, had an Easter egg hunt in Casey County at Mema's, went to Eli's birthday party and enjoyed Keeneland with friends!

I love this month! There are so many things going on, but they are all so fun!  This month we had Derby, celebrated Shepherd's 3rd birthday, and Mother's Day.  Joey also took a secret trip to Utah to interview with Coke and I spent a long weekend in Owensboro while he was there.  We found out this month that he got the job and we would officially be moving to Utah in about 6 weeks!

I remember watching Shepherd and Grayson run around our backyard, playing with Blue and chasing bubbles, and I texted Amy a picture and said "can you imagine how big this yard feels to them?"  Little boys are the best :)

Hanging out with Tressie, I took this picture a few minutes before Joey called me to tell me he got the job and we were moving to Utah!
Tara got home from Haiti at the end of the month and we tried to fit in all of our favorite restaurants!

We tried to soak up as much friend and family time as possible as we prepared for our move to Utah.  Shepherd still talks about riding on the real Thomas the train.  This month we officially put our house on the market and I was in charge of trying to keep it clean at all times for showings at a moment's notice! We ended the month with Shepherd going to his first Vacation Bible School and Major getting the spend the week alone with mom and lots of fun with Mills, Max and Tressie!


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