28 week update with Baby #3

{I realize I look a little miserable, but I promise it's just my chronic resting bitch face!}

Hello 3rd Trimester!
I can't believe we're already here.  It goes by faster each time.  But I have never been SO ready for the pregnancy to be over and this baby to be here. Feeling so uncomfortable at all times, on top of feeling like the largest person EVER is making me moody. With Shepherd I felt like pregnancy drug on and on, every little thing was so exciting because it was brand new.  This time I feel like I never have a minute to think about anything.  I am aware of my body being pregnant every day, but I honestly haven't thought a lot about how in less than 3 months we will have an entire new little person in our family.  I think I'll soak it up even more this time, because I know how fast the newborn stage goes by.  I cannot wait to see Major with him.  Every time Major sees a baby or a picture of a baby he gets so excited.  "Bay-beeee!!"

Still finalizing a name.  We had a first name picked out for awhile and recently changed it, but need a middle name!  It actually makes me angry that Joey does not like the middle name I want.

Acid reflux 24/7.

I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday and had my glucose screening. The stress that gives me is not normal. I have been stressed since I got pregnant dreading that drink. I hate having to drink something fast. I told Joey that and he was like "please repeat that to yourself. If that stresses you out you've got it pretty easy." Haha. But I really was sick to my stomach all day thinking about it. I didn't calm down until after I had my blood drawn. They called today with my results and I passed, thank goodness. 

I'm a little nervous going into the 3rd trimester. My first trimester, the symptoms I usually have were non existent. My second trimester, which is usually the easiest, was miserable. I am scared for how the next few months will go. This pregnancy has been my hardest yet. My midwife said that's normal, that the third time around everything is looser now so I don't have the same support I had in a first pregnancy. I feel like I got it so easy during the first trimester and now its payback time.  I've had to google "preterm labor" because I've been worried, something I've never had to do before.  I am already having Braxton Hicks.  Every evening I am so sore I can barely move.  I get pain in my stomach, above my uterus, and awful back pain.  I've been laying on a heating pad every night as soon as Joey gets home from work.  Its just at night, so I think its just the day catching up to me and not something to really worry about.  I don't sit down all day and these boys are not ones to let you relax!  If I sit down, Major will immediately pull on me and say "up! up!"  I don't know that he even wants me to do anything, except just not be sitting.

Joey finally felt him move around 25 weeks.  Its still so frustrating to me to have an anterior placenta every time. I just want to feel him move like normal people do!  Anytime I feel him it feels like a one second muscle spasm and its never consistent and I can't tell what body part it is or anything. Movements are low or on the side, rarely front and center.

We pretty much don't need anything for this baby.  We went through our newborn clothes the other day and I'll get them out a little closer to time.  Of course he'll have new outfits too. He'll sleep in the co-sleeper Major slept in, and be in our room for about the first 6 months.  After that we'll have to decide what to do.  We're hoping to still be in this rental another year after our current lease is up.

  I've bought some new swaddles and little random things, but we're pretty much set.  The only thing we really need is a new car seat for Major, so the baby can have the infant one, and I'll order a new cover for it. (My children are petite, so yes Major still fits in the infant car seat!)  Actually I still need to decide if I want the baby to use the infant car seat we already have or get a new one. It hasn't expired and it's never been in a wreck, but it is about 4 years old. Other than that the things on my list for the baby are small, like "newborn pacifiers" and "nose frida."  I think I can handle 
 it :)
Hope I'm not forgetting anything.  I also think the third time around I'm more aware that babies really don't need much. Major hardly wore any outfits as a newborn because he liked being swaddled so much. So a place to sleep and diapers are really the main necessary things I can think of. I'm sure I'll end up thinking of more necessities. 

Let's see, what else. Sleep has been difficult. Having a three year old sneak into our bed, who likes to lay across the bed, on top of the covers doesn't help. 

Looking forward to Christmas and hoping these last few months fly by!


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