Christmas 2015

Even though we didn't spend this Christmas with either of our families, this was the first year since Shepherd was born that Joey actually had time off for Christmas. The past 3 years he's had to work a half day on Christmas and every day surrounding it, so having him home for 4 straight days was amazing! We stocked our kitchen and prepared to be snowed in for our long weekend. Here are some pictures from our Christmas weekend. 

Christmas Eve, gingerbread TRAIN decorating. 

At church for the Christmas Eve service. 
Side note: Our plan was to go to the 4:30 service and we made it to the 6:00 service instead. So basically you can count on us running an hour and a half behind at all times. 

The boys listening to Christmas carols being played in the lobby. 

After church, trying to get a picture. 
"Shep, hug your brother!"
"Shep, stop choking your brother!"

Shep was no longer in the mood for pictures, but this is him leaving cookies and milk for Santa. I forgot all about it until after Major had gone to bed. Oops. 

Joey had 4 ride on toys and a train table to set up. We watched 3 Christmas Hallmark movies and finally got it all set up around 3am. We were as excited as the boys for Christmas morning to come. 

We're ready for them! Being a parent at Christmas is so much fun. And the boys are very blessed with grandparents and a lot of aunts who spoiled them rotten! Joey has been getting packages pretty much everyday for the past month with gifts from relatives, along with our own Amazon Prime packages. He said his office was beginning to look like a toy shop and someone walked by and said "I want to be your kid!" Haha!

Christmas morning!
So Major woke up early, so Joey got up with him and the plan was to keep him occupied until Shep woke up so we could get a video of them running into the living room together. Shep ends up in our bed every night so he was in bed with me and Joey had gotten Major to lay down with him and they were asleep in the guest room. Well Shep usually sleeps pretty late, like 9-10am, so we didn't even think about him being the first to wake up. I was half asleep and kind of heard a door close, then a second door close. Shepherd had gotten up to pee (thank you potty training!!) and I found him quietly playing at the train table once I realized he wasn't in bed with me and jumped up to find him. He was so sweet, I think he felt guilty because he didn't complain at all when I made him come back in our room while I got dressed and he was content to let Joey and Major wake up slowly once we told them to get up. Such a sweet little boy!

Opening presents, lots of trains!

Major tried all day to hold onto different toys while still riding the Thomas train. 

Shep loved his train table. 

Major enjoyed riding his fire truck side saddle;)

It was a good thing we had nowhere to go. It snowed all morning and these were our stairs. White Christmases are the best! 

I didn't get any pictures of our Christmas dinner. Joey cooked a big turkey, we had stuffing, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, Mac n cheese, broccoli casserole, rolls and sweet potato pie. Major went back for thirds. I love his curls! They get even curlier when he is hot and he was sweating from playing so hard!

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Major and North West both received the same fire truck ride on toy for Christmas. 

Ok I hate to brag, but it is obvious to me that I have a future Olympian on my hands ;)
Major is seriously so good at throwing and catching the ball! He's also mastered kicking it and hitting the ball with a tennis racket. He has amazing aim. I can't wait to see what sport is his favorite. 

Major fought his nap all day. At this point Joey looked at him and asked me if he was actually asleep. He refused to give up the train for a nap. 

Day after Christmas, cheering on our Cats against Louisville! Nothing makes me homesick quite like a UK game. 

Flipping Thomas!

Playing in the snow. 

Playing our new game Greg and Allison sent us!

Benefits of an oversize kitchen...plenty of room for ride on toys!

Finally, RIP to the ugliest Christmas tree ever. Not only did it lean to one side, after Major knocked it down a few weeks ago, we never got around to really fixing the decorations. It served us well but next year we're getting a real tree!

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