Coca Cola Christmas (party) #1

A few Saturdays ago we had Joey's work Christmas party for the kids in the morning and adults that same night.
For the kids, the party was at the aquarium.  They had breakfast pastries, everyone got a stuffed penguin and the kids got to take their picture with the Coca Cola polar bear, in front of the shark tank.
(A professional photographer took that picture and we don't have it yet, but I'll update this post once we get it.)
Some pictures from our morning:

Heading in. Love these three!

They take such good care of each other. 

Checking out the starfish and stingrays. 

So we were so proud of Shepherd! He is so cautious and the last time we were at the aquarium it was really crowded and he wanted to cross this swinging bridge so bad, but I think got a little overwhelmed with all of the other kids. This time there were not nearly as many people there so he took his time and crossed all on his own. Then he went back to do it again! 

They looked so cute carrying around their stuffed penguins all day. 

I am so in awe of this little boy. Major just wakes up every day and attacks life. He's always up for adventure and makes it wherever he goes. He didn't walk through the aquarium, he skipped, jumped and bounced his way through. I love his precious spirit!

Heading home from a fun morning! My one request any time we go anywhere is to please just get one decent picture of them together. I don't think it's ever going to happen. 

I still haven't gotten over those mountains being our background view!


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