Coca Cola Christmas (party) #2

After spending the morning at the aquarium for the kid's party, we got to get dressed up and head to downtown SLC for the adult Christmas party.  It was the first time we've had a babysitter since moving to Utah and I was so nervous.  More nervous for her, that they would run her off by crying the entire time.  Major has never even had someone who isn't family watch him.  But I was so happy when the boys seemed to barely notice us leaving and we got a good report at the end of the night!

The party was in Salt Lake City at a hotel called The Little America.  It was so pretty!  The prettiest Christmas lights I've ever seen.  
So funny story... after dinner they had a comedian there for the entertainment.  This guy starts and he's pretty funny.  Well its a corporate party, and the guy starts talking about how no one likes HR and HR is the reason he's never had a job.  My husband does HR and he happens to be the only person from HR who was at the party.  The comedian asks the crowd, is anyone from HR here?  Joey's just planning on ignoring it (so not his thing) but someone shouts out that there is just one guy from HR at the party and points to us, so Joey had to stand up.  The comedian didn't put him on the spot or make him talk or anything, but I was laughing so hard I was crying.  The rest of his little spiel he kept using Joey's name and it was just so funny.


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