Everyday 2015 :: 22

I'm trying to catch up on my blogging.  A few days after Thanksgiving the charger to our laptop nearly caught the house on fire, so I've been waiting for our replacement charger to get here!

November 9:
If only he would stay in his bed ;)

November 10:
How Shep eats a cupcake // How Maj eats a cupcake. 
Shepherd went and got his own towel to wipe his face after already neat bites. Then he cleaned Major up and told me we should run a bath for him. 

Major enjoying vegetable soup for dinner. 

November 11:
He's so cute all the time. 

November 12:
It is so funny to us...neither of our kids can handle Joey saying no. Not like they're upset they can't have or do something. Like they are devastated their dad disciplined them. Joey is the definition of a gentle parent. I can yell and no one notices, but if Joey says "no no no" in the nicest voice, this is the reaction every time. 

November 13:
Trains as soon as he woke up. 

November 14:
Major was pretty excited about this Thomas ride on at Walmart. 

November 15:

November 16:
After nap face. 

November 17:
My Target helper. He pushed that cart around the whole store. 

"Mom it looks like a train station!"  He used the correct term, but I can't remember it right now.  He was talking about the bars that come down to stop traffic so a train can pass.  EVERYTHING is trains with him :)

November 18:
A mini version of Major's "stink face."  I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot of this face in about 13 years...

Driving around town because Shep fell asleep in the car...such a pretty view!

November 19:
The boys after our MOPS meeting. 

November 20:
Heading out for a Target run. 

Sweet brothers. 


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