everyday 2015 :: 23

November 21:
I love this picture of Major.  He is copying exactly what Shepherd likes to do. Shepherd likes to lay in the floor and watch the iPad, and he'll only drink out of that cup.  I guess Shep was distracted and Major saw his chance!

November 22:

November 23:
Just me and my boys all day in Park City while Joey worked! 

November 24:
Breakfast at McDonalds before we headed home from Park City.

November 25:
Getting all of our Thanksgiving grocery shopping done...the day before Thanksgiving!

November 26:

Finally playing with the Christmas train!

November 27:
Downtown Salt Lake City with Caity to look at the lights.

November 28:
Thanksgiving Point for more drive through Christmas lights.

November 29:
Saying bye to Caitlyn :( Next time we have family in town, we will be a family of 5!

November 30:
The way Major insisted on traveling through the grocery.  Right after this Shepherd knocked over a $9 box of bakery cookies and I called it a day.

December 1:
He thought he was so funny laying down in my little set up.  Every night I'm so sore I have to lay on a heating pad and move the couch so I can see the tv.

December 2:
So rare for him to nurse during the day anymore.  Its usually just before his nap and bedtime.  

December 3:
MOPS day! Guess where we are?  Major got called out of the nursery again, so I'm letting him play on the playground.

December 4:
Christmas movies!

December 5:
Back to the aquarium for the Coca Cola kid's Christmas party!

Later that night, all dressed up for the adult's Christmas party.

December 6:
2nd year in a row our tree has completely toppled over.  Guess who's fault??  I'll give you a hint...his name starts with an M! This is the last year for this old tree.

December 7:
Decorating the Christmas tree in Shep's room!


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