Everyday 2015 :: 24

December 8:
Heading to the park. 

December 9:
Joey got free tickets to a dress rehearsal of The Nutcracker, so right before bedtime we packed the boys into the car and drove into SLC. They lasted about 15 minutes, but were actually very into it for that short amount of time!

December 10:

December 11:
This has become Shepherd's go to face when I try to take his picture. 

December 12:
I decided at the very last minute that I wanted to go to a warehouse sale for Rags to Raches, so we all got ready and drove about 30 minutes and I got all 3 of my boys new outfits at an awesome discount. 

December 13:
I told Shep I was taking him on a mommy date and we could do anything he wanted. He chose Walmart. 

December 14:
Our first big Utah snow! So pretty!
In Kentucky this would have shut down the state.  I watched the news expecting tons of closings and delays, but not one. 

December 15:
I was so proud of him, I had to take a picture to send to Joey. He did this entire puzzle on his own. He started out by putting pieces that we're alike, together, like looking for all of the ladder pieces. I only a few times helped him out by telling him he had the right piece but to try turning it a different way. 

December 16:
Waiting to jump out and scare Daddy. I think their giggles gave them away!

December 17:
Shep has taken an interest in photography, which means I have a million pictures like this, or of trains, or of Major or unflattering angles of myself ;)

December 18:
No he's not potty training, he just insists on wearing underwear and running around naked to be like his big brother. 


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