Everyday 2015 :: 25

December 19:
Building a snowman with Dad!

December 20:
Nana got Shep a Thomas bed for Christmas. We decided to give it to him a few days early in hopes it would motivate him to stay in his bed all night. We also were wanting to rearrange the boys rooms and switch the guest room to Shep's room and make the guest room the boys new shared room. So Joey spent a few hours moving the rooms then we surprised Shep with his new bed. He and Major were obsessed! Major jumped up and down for about an hour, yelling "All aboard! Choo choo!"

December 21:
28 week appointment with my midwife. 

So the first night of them sharing a room did not go well. This was our second night attempt. The main reason for letting them share a room was that Major keeps crawling out of his crib and turning on his light.  I'm worried he's going to hurt himself bc his crib is kind of high and I know he's letting himself drop. We thought letting him sleep in the room with Shep might motivate him to stay in a toddler bed. No such luck. We spent two nights in a row of both of us sitting in their room trying to get him to stay in bed. All he did was run back and forth between his bed and Shep's bed and picking toys to play with. This picture was taken when Shep tried laying in Major's bed to get him to lay down and sleep. We said it was hard to be mad when all we've heard for 2 hours was sweet little giggles. 
After this we gave up and put Major back in his own room and crib. And now he's back to waking up once a night. 

December 22:
I love this handsome, happy face!

Safe to say Major is a fan of snow!

December 23:
My mother in law shipped us 3 dozen of our very favorite gingerbread men cookies from the bakery in Joey's hometown. They are so good!

December 24:
Christmas Eve service at church. 
Side story: We put both boys in the nursery but when we went in the service we realized a lot of parents brought their kids. We decided to get Shep from the nursery and let him sit with us. But, when I went to get him and asked if he wanted to go to "big church" with mom and dad he said, "No thanks, I want to stay at this church." So that was that!

December 25:

December 26:
UK vs UL! 

More fun playing in the snow. 

December 27:
Put this giant kitchen to good use ;)

December 28:
When mom is in charge of counting trains. 

December 29:

December 30:

December 31:

My top 9 Instagram posts of the year!

We're ringing in 2016 with a pizza, popcorn and movies. 
Happy New Year!

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