Night at the Aquarium

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we were hanging out at home on Saturday night, planning on staying in.  Our landlord randomly texted us and said that if we wanted, we could go as their guest and get into the aquarium for free that night for an event they were going to.  We got ready and headed out!

Side note:  We've talked about how a plus side of living here is that we have found ourselves doing so much more stuff than we did in Kentucky.  Part of it is that we want to soak up as much of Utah as we can.  Another part is that we have no friends here and no obligations, no house to do projects on or work in the yard, so we might as well get out and about!

I love that he is sticking his tongue out at the fish:

River monsters, Joey's favorite ;)

Major got tired of walking ;)

Checking out the stingrays and starfish:

Shep was telling Major all about the sharks:

We had a fun little unexpected night out!

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