Park City for a few days!

The Sunday before Thanksgiving, Joey had to go to Park City for a few days for work and we got to tag along! It was so nice to get away and even though Joey was working, it still felt like a little mini vacation.  We headed up on Sunday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday.

We stayed at Hotel Park City and our cabin was so nice!  This was the view right outside our patio:

The boys immediately made themselves at home:

We had lunch at Five Guys and did a little shopping.  Major loves holding Shepherd's hand.

Sunday night we went to Joey's boss's suite and met with some of his coworkers.  The view from the main hotel:

Main lobby:

Again, the boys made themselves right at home :)

They were big fans of the tub.  Major wasn't so sure about the jets at first, and we had one traumatic underwater fall, but he warmed up to it!

Monday morning Joey headed to work and I headed out with my little boyfriends.  Its funny how just being in a different location changes your perspective.  I didn't feel rushed or the need to stick to our schedule like I would at home, so it made the whole day much more enjoyable.  Usually I would be planning an outing around Major's nap, but since I wasn't sure if he would even nap at the hotel anyway, we just took our time.

The boys played in the snow before heading out:

I googled "things to do in park city with kids" but pretty much every single thing was outdoorsy and not going to work for me alone with them and pregnant.  Instead we went to McDonalds for breakfast, because that is #2 in Shepherd's list of Top Favorite Places.  #1 being Walmart and #3 being Target.  #proudmom
After breakfast we went to the outlets because I remembered there being a playground there from the last time we were in Park City.  The weather was perfect.  They had on their heavy coats but it was not too cold at all.  They played on the playground and at another play area for nearly 2 hours.  

I knew they wouldn't let me get any shopping done, but we did make it to Carters where they were distracted by the Lego table long enough for me to pick some stuff out. (Side note: How annoying is it that Carters is not stroller friendly?  Who do you think your customers are?)
Shepherd has asked for this train every single time we've been to Carters since he could talk.  I have resisted every single time, but this time I had a coupon on top of their 50% off sale so I gave in.  He was sooo happy and so appreciative.  10 minutes after we left the store, he again said "Thank you sooo much for my train, Mom."  That makes it worth it.

We stopped by the grocery to get some snacks, then headed back to the hotel.  How pretty is that view?

Shepherd was distracted with his new toy, so Major got to play trains in peace.  Usually Shepherd is dictating everything ;)

Both boys were entranced with the landlines.  

How cute is he?? I swear I want to eat him up every day.

Joey had a long day and was still at work so we snuggled in bed and watched Thomas movies on Netflix.

Lots of snuggling!

The boys wanted to play in the bathtub some more, so they took an early bath.

Dinner and more Thomas!

Since I couldn't get in the hot tub because I'm pregnant, I took a nice relaxing bubble bath each night. 

We had a King bed, so we just had the boys sleep with us.  It was so absolutely precious how excited they were to sleep together.  Monday night Shepherd actually went to bed nearly 2 hours before he usually would, I think because he thought it was so cool to sleep with Major.  Joey snuck in the room to get something and immediately made me come look at them.  We didn't even care if they woke up, we turned on a light and took a million pictures of them.  Is there anything sweeter!!?
Now we're thinking we need to let them share a room and get them a big bed and maybe then they would both finally sleep through the night and Shepherd would stop coming to our room every night ??

Tuesday morning Joey had to work for awhile, so the boys and I headed back to McDonalds.  Those happy meal toys really saved me, otherwise they never would have halfway behaved long enough for any of us to eat ;)

Such a nice break for a few days!  I am so thankful for Joey's job and all of the cool perks that come with it.

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