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Someone asked me this recently and I was so awkward.

The prettiest garage door!

This sums up my best friend and I.  I'm Kim, lol.  I sent this to Tress and just said "this is us."

So Joey saw this on my Instagram feed, and took it upon himself to comment a bunch of hashtags, one I would never comment and two I would definitely not use hashtags.  He thought he was pretty funny!

This is me:

Ok I know this is kind of lame, but every single one of these is so true!

Breastfeeding is so cool!  

This will never not make me laugh:

A recent text between me and my husband, while I was at Walmart.  I love his "yeah!"  We've been checking for months for new Thomas blind bags to be released for Shep and it finally happened.  For the record I think I bought 11.


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