Thanksgiving 2015

We were so lucky to get to have Caity come stay with us for the long weekend. It was very different not being with family on such a big holiday, so having Caity there made it feel special.  But actually, it was the first time in 2 years Joey and I have spent Thanksgiving together.  At Amazon he had to work for a few hours on Thanksgiving and always had to work the Friday after, so I had spent the last two years in Owensboro with my family.  So we were happy to spend Thanksgiving together.
Caity got here late Wednesday night, and Thursday we woke up and got to cooking. Well, Joey did most of the cooking, including the turkey. A few things aren't pictured, but here is our spread:

Even though we only had 3 people eating (Major is a good eater, but I think Shep ate the equivalent of one roll all weekend) we still like to make a big meal and have all of our favorites. We'll do the same thing for Christmas. 

Major was so funny...he ate what he wanted off his plate then moved onto Shepherd's plate. Then he started to move on to mine before we decided to just give him seconds (thirds)!

Lots of Christmas movie watching:

Lots of snuggling and getting out all of the Christmas decorations. 

The highlight of Shep's day was that he finally got to set up the new train we got. Joey and I decided we wanted to get a nice train set to hopefully last a long time and put it under the tree every year. We picked out a Coca Cola train and it came a few days before Thanksgiving. Shep was so excited but we told him we weren't going to open it until the tree was up. He literally dragged the box around for 3 days. The box was half as tall as him. He would bring his toys and sit next to the box to play with them. Wednesday night he wanted to sleep with the box in his room, so we let him. Well I've mentioned he starts out in his room every night, and at some point makes his way to our bed. Thursday morning we woke up with Shep in our bed, and the train box in the floor. He had woken up in the middle of the night and pushed that big, heavy box from one side of the house to the other. I wish we had a hidden camera to have caught that! Precious boy!!

Friday we took Caity downtown to see a little bit of Salt Lake City. There was a tree lighting and an outdoor skating rink set up. It was FREEZING. Shep wouldn't get out of the stroller. 

The prettiest shopping center:

Walked down to Temple Square to see more lights. This picture doesn't do it justice. There is a serene little "pond" in front of the temple and it had pretty candles floating in the water. 

GAH so cute:

After downtown we stopped for dinner at In-N-Out. 

Saturday night we went to Thanksgiving Point, where they have a drive through light display. The boys were most excited about being out of their carseats. Only picture I got:

Random photo from the weekend...I could eat him.

Before Caity had to leave for the airport :( She had a flight at midnight, which got delayed until nearly 1, then a nearly 2 hour drive from the airport to her house, then had to go straight to work! Thanks for coming Caity! We love you!


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