2015 in Review :: July-September

This was the month of change!  We said goodbye to all of our friends and family, packed up our house, moved across the country and Joey started a new job.

One last play date with our best bud!

Our last big event with all of our friends, celebrating the 4th of July:

Putting our babies to bed in their first rooms for the last time.  I am so thankful that we had movers do everything, and I got to keep our house, "our house" up until the last possible night.  If I had spent the last 2 months in Kentucky with everything in boxes, it would have been so stressful and sad.  

Our last day as a family of 4 in Kentucky.  We spent the day with Joey's family celebrating Matthew's birthday.  After this we drove and met my parents in E-town and sent the boys home with them so we could spend the next day packing.

Everything in boxes!

Our very last night in Lexington we went to dinner with all of our friends.  So thankful for these people!

Everything in the moving truck!

After the truck was loaded, we drove away from our house and our life in Lexington and Joey dropped me off at my parents and he and our friend Whisman started the drive to Utah that night.

Joey and Whisman drove through 6 states and made it to Utah in 3 days.

The boys and I stayed with my parents and enjoyed the summer!  Two happy little boys with 4 people doting on them and every day the goal being, what fun thing can we do today?

Joey started at Coke and this is the view from his office:

At the end of the month, Joey had found us a place to live, so my mom went with us and we flew to Utah!

We ended the month spending about a week living in a hotel while we waited for our lease to start!

While my mom was still in town we wanted to do something Utah-y so we went to the top of a mountain. 

Playing in our new, fun backyard with neighbors!

This month we got busy exploring our new state!

Bridal Veil Falls:


Olympic Park in Park City:

Thanksgiving Point farm:

Dinosaur museum:

Lots of days spent at the park around the block:

Had to find somewhere in town with a train table!

Continued this month to try and fit in as much exploring as possible, before the weather got too bad and I got too pregnant!

Antelope Island:

Heritage Park:

I cut 10 inches off my hair!

Park City Silly Market:

Our first look at Baby #3, and we found out we were having a third boy!

Announcing our pregnancy to the world ;)

I joined MOPS at the church we've been attending and we had a night out with some families I met through that. 

The zoo!


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