Major's 2nd Birthday

After a solid week of sickness, thankfully on Major's birthday this Saturday we all woke up on the upswing. 
Major woke up first and we started our morning like we always do, cuddling on the couch and watching Curious George. 

I don't have any pictures but I will have plenty later...
Completely randomly, earlier this week I got a message from this photographer who had seen my Facebook profile on a SLC Moms group. She was from LA and coming here for a photographers conference along with about 30 other women from all over the country. They are looking for families to model for a session so they could all build their portfolio. So if we agreed to model, we would get all of the pictures for free! I said yes and Saturday morning we headed up to a canyon in the mountains to play in the snow. It took about an hour and it was gorgeous. I can't wait to get the pictures back. The boys looked so cute in their outfits, but you couldn't really tell from their coats and we had to wear tall boots instead of the cute boots I originally had planned. Here are their planned outfits, because they'll probably never cooperate to wear them again:
I'll share the pictures whenever we get them!

After our little photo session, we headed to one of Major's favorites for lunch, 
Chic fil A.

After playing at Chic fil A, we came home and Major took a very long nap with Daddy. He was worn out! 
When everyone got up we opened gifts.
Major and his "bay beee."

Don't look too closely at the wrapping ;)

We said Major is either going to be an awesome big brother...or terrifying!

The big hit of the night were the balloons we got. They loved them!

He did this for about an hour straight. 

After dinner it was time for cake. 

A great day celebrating our big 2 year old!

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