My Major is Two!

My sweet Major,
Tomorrow you turn two years old. Two years ago was the hardest, most rewarding, best days of my life. I would relive it over and over. I thought you were the most beautiful newborn to ever be. I also knew you were a stinker. I could just tell that face was a mischievous one. 

One of the things I love the most about you is how you attack life. You've always been that way and I've said it before. You're always seeking adventure and fun. You go full throttle and I love it because it's so different from the rest of our little family. You have no fears. 
It makes me sad being so far from friends and family, because I want everyone to see first hand how funny you are!

Some things about you:

Size 2T clothes
Size 5 diapers
Weight: 24.8 lbs (13%)
Height: 32.5 in (12%)

Are you ever going to sleep through the night? Because we're at two years and I'm pretty sure I could count on two hands the times you've not woken me up!
Right now you take one nap a day, at around 1, and sleep for about 1.5 hours. You go to bed around 8! You have always been easy to put to bed, it's staying asleep that is your problem! 

I love that you love to eat. You always say "Yay!" when it's time for a meal and take it very seriously when I ask you to use your muscles and move your picnic table. You'll pretty much eat anything, but I think your favorite might be cheese ravioli. I always underestimate how much to give you and you come back asking for more. You also love to eat off other people's plates, especially Daddy's. 

You self weaned at 23 months. Up until then you only nursed right before nap and bedtime. You were never a comfort nurser. 

You insist on getting fully dressed as soon as you wake up. Socks, shoes, everything. You love wearing shoes. When I take them off for nap time, you get so mad. As soon as you wake up you go find your shoes and make me put them back on. You can also be really picky about what you're wearing. You've been known to insist on 5 different shirt changes a day. 

You have a dinosaur impression that is so funny. 

You love to read, but very rarely will ever let me get all the way through before you're ready for a new book. 

You will taunt your brother to the brink, then you're terrified and run to hide. 

You loooove to color. You'll bring me pictures and you're so proud. Also to you, if I ask, every color is blue. But if I say find the green crayon, you can do it. But you really like blue! 

Your favorite shows are Caillou and Daniel Tiger. 

Your language really took off around 20 months. You are talking in 3-4 word sentences and it amazes us how you can hold a conversation. 
If you're looking for something you'll walk around the house with your arms up saying, "Paci! Where are you??"

You do not like the mean characters in books. You are so aggressive towards them and hit the book, saying "Not nice!" in a funny little grump voice. You do this to the troll in the Billy Goats Gruff book and the bully in the Llama Llama book.

Every night recently I will rock you to sleep and recite the entire Llama Llama Red Pajama book, then ask if you're ready to get in bed and you say "Yeeeahhh. Chair." Meaning you want me to still sit in your chair. 

You are obsessed with your daddy and mommy and brother. You're always more content when you are with Shep. If you wake up in the middle of the night, you love to go back to sleep snuggling with Daddy. If I ever leave you home with Daddy or you go somewhere with Dad and I don't go, he says you ask where I am the entire time. 

You HATE the nursery at church. It baffles me because you're such a wild child everywhere else, but if we leave you in the nursery you cry and make someone hold you the entire time.

You have the best dance moves and if a song you like comes on you want to hear it again and again. The single ladies hand has always been your signature move!

My Major, you are wild, sweet, curious, goofy, destructive, fearless and funny. I pray you are always comfortable with who you are and be that person. You are so special. Happy birthday, my angel!


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