Random Ramblings

Who is watching The Bachelor? He seems to have a lot of undercover crazies this season. I still like Becca and Jo Jo seems cute. 

I am obsessed with this hair product. It naturally teases your hair and also lets me go longer without washing. I think I was on day 5 or 6 in the left picture. I got it at the salon in Walmart for $10! 

Speaking of hair, I still haven't mastered styling my short hair. Probably because I only fix it maybe once a week so I don't give myself a lot of practice. 
Some hair inspiration:

Speaking of hair, we are growing Shep's out in hopes of a man bun. So far he is not a fan. But the last time I took him to get a haircut he threw such an embarrassing fit that I gave up and left. 

I've mentioned before my bad habit of not letting my children wear any cute clothes because I'm saving them for a special occasion, then they outgrow them before they ever wear them. Here is an example of something he practically outgrew before he wore it:

Speaking of clothes, here is Major wearing the exact same black jumper as Kourtney Kardashian's son. 

Why Cousins is still my favorite Wildcat:

No filter sunset awhile back:

We never watch tv in our room, but Major has started coming to our bed early and watching cartoons before we wake up. 

I liked this quote as I'm basically hibernating until this baby is born and all of this snow melts. 

I'll leave you with this crazy kid (Major). It looks like he's doing a handstand but I actually got a picture mid flip. They run around like wild animals before bed every night. Also, I can't keep clothes on either of them. 



  1. Hey Jessica! I followed your blog a few years ago and I recently decided to come back to blogging. I'm so happy to see you're still dedicated to it! I watch the bachelor too, that picture of Olivia cracks me up. I still love Becca from Chris's season, and I think Caila and JoJo seem sweet!

  2. I'm watching the Bachelor! Olivia & Lace are C.R.A.Z.Y. I think JoJo & Becca are my favorites right now. I have used the big sexy hair hairspray before and liked it. I may need to give that product a try! I am so jealous of how long your hair stays cute. Mine is so greasy by mid-day the next day if I don't wash it!

    1. I think coloring my hair has a lot to do with it! Blonde dries it out so I don't have to wash it as often! That's why I went back blonde ;) Bachelor night is my favorite night of the week!