Trashy television

I have been watching the two trashiest shows you can think of. Everytime I watch Joey is like, "What is wrong with you?" Then I'm like "Whatever, you still watch Glee." In my defense, there is nothing on tv right now. Or am I missing something?? Please tell me if there is something else I should get into. 

First, I randomly got into Married at First Sight. It's just kind of intriguing. Will they stay married? I want to know! 

Second, I started watching Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars solely because I always and forever love Sean and Catherine Lowe from The Bachelor. They definitely are on a different level than the rest of these couples. 

Now OBVIOUSLY The Bachelor does not fall under the category of trashy tv. That would be Quality Programming.  But since we're on the topic of television, I'll say a few thoughts on Monday's episode. 

- When the flight attendant was so scared of going up in the little plane...really? 

- On his date with Jubilee, I thought "good for him!" when he was asking her about being adopted and her past in Haiti. I feel like most men would kind of shy away from that and not want to have an awkward conversation. I like when the bachelor takes it seriously. 

- Is it just me or do the girls seem even cattier this year? 

- Amber is so gross and definitely only had a rose on the group date because he had no other options. When she came upstairs trying to call out Jubilee I wish he would have taken it back. I think she'll go next week. 

- The after show. Now last week they had Kris Jenner so I'll give them props for that. But for the most part, could they have more boring guests?? I wish they'd bring back more past contestants and bachelor/ettes to hear their takes. Lose the celebrity fans that no one knows. I do like how they do the little clips from past weeks in bachelor history. 

- I followed all of the contestants on Instagram, then went back and unfollowed because I was making guesses on who wins based on stuff and I would rather have absolutely no clue who he picks. 

These are my front runners right now.  I think Amanda and Olivia won't last. I think Caila is hiding her crazy.  I really do like Becca, but is the guy who's worried he's unlovable going to pick the girl who made it to the final 2 last season and still wasn't in love? I don't know...
I love this show. 

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