what the boys wore

I've said it before, I love dressing little boys!
There's no denying little girls clothes are the cutest little things ever, not to mention they seem to have a lot more selection. But I love picking out their outfits and hopefully one day they'll start posing for me. 
I love dressing them alike or coordinating their outfits. Shep has a little hipster vibe and I see Major with a little more sporty vibe. 
I put them in leggings a lot because they both are so skinny that anything else swallows them up. 
Major can be very picky about his shoes, he prefers his red boots most of the time.

Some favorite outfits: 

However, were you to pop in our house, most likely Major would be wearing his dinosaur shirt, that he literally insists on wearing everyday...

And Shepherd, who really prefers to just be naked, will most likely still be in one of these pajamas. 


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