I've said this before, one of the perks of living here is we get out and do more stuff just because we don't really have any reason not to. Including impromptu road trips!
On Sunday, (after getting up and everyone ready for church only to come to terms that there was no way we'd be on time...so hard to get ANYWHERE on a schedule!) we decided to drive to Wyoming to buy a lottery ticket (or 10) and see what there is to see. Utah is one of five states that does not participate in the lottery! Joey looked up the closest border town and thought they had a train museum so we figured the boys would have fun there. I had been craving Cracker Barrel so we stopped on the way. 

Major has started saying "Cheeeese!" for the camera. Shepherd insisted on ordering and only eating crackers, because it was Cracker Barrel.

I guess this is his concentrated face!? He actually did really well, we only had to pull out YouTube towards the end, when we got desperate and he had already hit one fellow diner with a flying crayon. I will love the day we can go out to eat as a family and not have to scarf down our meals and desperately try to keep everyone seated! 

The drive in to Wyoming was so pretty! Pictures don't do it justice and we still can't get used to the fact that we live here. We passed a frozen lake and got to see people ice fishing. 

Because this town is right on the border, everyone from Utah drives there to get lottery tickets. After going to three gas stations, with a 1-3 (!) hour wait times, I told Joey this was definitely the most whites trash thing we've ever done.  Luckily as Joey was waiting in line at one gas station, someone who worked there came out and said there was a grocery further into town without a long line. 
Waiting on dad:

So it turns out the train museum was more like an old train station you could rent out for events? Didn't matter to our boys, they were happy to get out of the car and see all of the trains that were there, and even see one go past. 

Pretty red rocks on the drive home. 

We'd still like to go back and see a more scenic part of Wyoming, but we were happy to say we can check Wyoming off our bucket list!

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