37 weeks with Baby #3

I had my 37 week appointment today. It was supposed to be tomorrow but I was just feeling like something was off and stressing myself out thinking he wasn't moving enough so I called this morning and asked if they would go ahead and see me. He was fine and I was fine. They did a non stress test and she said he looked excellent. I acted like a spazz and cried during the exam because I hate them so much, but she said I didn't appear to be dilated. I only have one more appointment next week then the week after that I'll have him!

Hooked up to the non stress test today.  Not having two wild animals to watch is about the least stressed I could be ;)

Notice my fat feet and flip flops in February :(

Last week we went to the hospital where I will deliver to tour the labor and delivery unit. It is so nice! It's brand new, less than 3 years old I believe. There are 10 maternity rooms and when we were there only 2 of them were occupied, so that's nice that it's not crowded. We'll have a view of the mountains. It honestly made me sad because the rooms were so nice and whatever room you give birth in is where you stay. No moving rooms after you have the baby. But I'll obviously deliver in an operating room. It would be such a nice room to labor in though! There are two huge tvs, one that monitors contractions and one to watch. 

I was checked again this pregnancy for cholestasis. My doctor with Shepherd thought I had it too. The main symptom is itching, which I had extremely bad with Shep. This time it is really not that bad but Joey insisted I call my midwife about it. I had blood work done and came back all clear. Itching must just be something that happens to me during pregnancy. 

An update on my conversation I had with the OB about my birth plan. She was great about all of my wishes and hopefully it all goes smoothly the day of delivery. The only thing she flat out said we couldn't do was to delay the cord clamping and have Joey cut the cord. She said because it is a sterile environment and they don't want to compromise that. Not sure how I feel about that but I don't feel like arguing. My #1 thing is being skin to skin in the OR and he not being separated from me, which she was on board with as long as everyone is healthy. 

My feet and calves have swollen up and I look like an elephant. It just came out of nowhere. I hope it doesn't snow again bc the only shoes that fit/I can get on by myself are flip flops. Joey said it looks like I should be on bed rest. 

We still haven't decided on a middle name. I think I should get to choose since I've been pregnant for nearly 30 months of my life now. It's really the least Joey could do. I haven't gotten his coming home outfit embroidered yet because I don't know his initials.

I don't sleep well at all.  I just toss and turn and feel like I can't breathe.

I never felt like this with Shepherd or Major.  I think this far along with them I still felt not ready and like I had stuff I wanted to take care of before they arrived.  This time I literally cannot wait to NOT be pregnant, and any loose ends I don't care about, we'll all survive.


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