a Family-Centered C-section

Today I can say exactly ONE month to go! 

I am going to the doctor tomorrow and this appointment I will meet with the OB who will be performing the C-section.  I'm still so tempted to go for a VBAC because I'm scared of C-section complications. But then I think about the complications that could arise from further injuring my tailbone and those seem like something that's actually likely to happen vs something that could happen. Ugh. I just don't know what to do. If I knew I could have an uncomplicated VBAC I would do that, but there's just no way of knowing and I do not want to end up with chronic pain from my tailbone.  

Anyway, I plan to go over my Family-centered C-section birth plan with her.  I feel good about her being open because I know she is the doctor who pushed for clear drapes to be available at this hospital.  Most hospitals have not made this option available yet for C-sections, so I'm happy about that.  Having a clear drape will enable me to see the baby immediately.  I'm most nervous about getting them to agree to putting the baby skin to skin immediately in the OR.  It baffles me that I can do a simple google search, and come up with tons of CREDIBLE sources, talking about the benefits of immediate skin to skin, even in the operating room, yet its something I have to push for with a medical professional.  Hopefully thats not the case, but when I brought it up before they acted like its too cold in the OR to not have the baby wrapped up.  When research shows that mom's body stabilizes the baby's temperature.  I realize its cold and a sterile environment, they can cover us up with warm blankets.  I don't get it. Its annoying. Thats my most important thing...or at least at the very top of my list. Thinking about not being the first person to hold my baby, let alone go an hour or so not holding him literally makes me crazy.

Its been called a Family-Centered C-section or Gentle C-section.  A relatively new term and approach where the focus is more on the mother and her wants.  I just want to make sure this is treated like the day of my baby's birth, not another routine operation they do all the time, even though I know to them it is.  I'll never forget my doctor with Shepherd walking into the operating room holding her purse, which I thought was so odd, barely acknowledging me, if at all, I can't remember. Then the staff talking about their weekend plans. So lame. 

  I literally cry every time I think about this, and can't ever tell anyone because I cry before I get the story out.  I remember reading about this doctor who every time he performed a C-section, he and the whole OR staff sang Happy Birthday.  I'm weeping.  Is that not the nicest thing? I would ask them to do that but I'd probably start hyperventilating from tears.
My midwife already said I could bring in music to have playing, so I'm not sure what song we will choose.  Dave Barnes, who I've mentioned before, always seems to time his music releases with what is going on in our life, has a new album coming out and I just know there is the perfect song on there.  But the album is supposed to be released after the baby is here, so I'm hoping maybe he'll release some singles early or something.

Anyway, I'm going to print this out and go over it with the doctor.  I'll update on how it goes :)

Family-centered C-section Birth Plan:

- Clear drape
-Not to be strapped down
-Non-dominant arm have IVs, etc
-Talk among staff focused on the birth
-Music playing
-No students
-Delayed cord clamping, Dad will cut cord
- Non-drowsy, anti-nausea medication (Zofran)
-All newborn tests be delayed until we are in Recovery, or be performed on my chest
- Skin to skin immediately, my husband will help assist with this
Baby covered with warm blankets.
This will help
*stabilize baby's breathing, heart rate, blood sugar and body temperature
As well as be reassuring to myself and baby
- If possible, assisted breastfeeding
- If skin to skin with me is not possible, baby will do skin to skin with Dad in OR
- Dad and baby stay with me in OR until I am moved to Recovery
- I would like photos and videos taken of the birth
- If baby requires any medical attention above that of a healthy baby, please communicate everything with my husband and I so we can understand whats going on and make decisions
- Delay bath and baby not be fully dressed until I have had bonding time with him.
- Husband assist with first bath
- I will be exclusively breastfeeding, so no formula, paci, or sugar water. 

I've spent a lot of time reading over these websites, if anyone is interested!


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