Everyday 2016 :: 2

Thank God for 3 day weekends! All I will say about these past 2 day is I have dealt with more poop and more vomit than anyone should have to, especially at 35 weeks pregnant.  #stomachbugforeveryone

February 1:
Doing his "school work."

February 2:
He has the best laugh.

Since this is my blog and I can brag if I want to...and I'll take this opportunity to brag on this future Olympian.  He is seriously so coordinated and has this natural athleticism with every sport he's been introduced to.  He also quickly picked up the scooter and balance bike they got for Christmas.  Joey plays tennis, but he had never actually showed Major how to play.  Then Major just picked up a racket, threw the ball in the air and hit it like he was born to.  I cannot wait to see which sport is his favorite.  I hope its a fun one to watch ;)

February 3:
Shepherd requested lunch be served picnic style in his room.

Major has gotten into the worst habit of going to sleep in his bed, but then waking up and wanting to move to the guest room bed.  I guess I could just start him off there, but I'm kind of afraid he's going to fall off...plus I'd really like him to break this habit. 

February 5:
Snuggling in mom and dad's bed with Thomas books.  That little book peeking out of the bottom of the picture was for his imaginary friend, "Ryan."  Thats normal right!? Joey and I feel so guilty that he is missing his little Kentucky friends so he's making up new ones.

February 7:
Super Bowl Sunday! They stayed like this eating their dinner and watching commercials for approximately 2 minutes.
Related side story: You know the Doritos commercial where the mom is having the ultrasound and the dad is eating Doritos, then the baby is trying to get the chip then the baby flies out?  Well we saw that commercial and it apparently left a huge impression on Shep. This past Thursday I went to the doctor and while I was gone, Joey said Shepherd came to him in tears.  Joey asked him what was wrong and Shep said, "Are they going to throw chips at Mommy?  At the doctor?" And Joey was so confused like, "Nooo??"" Then Shep said "If they do the baby will shoot right out! It won't be good!" Then Joey put it together and reassured him that the baby was safe and sound and no one was throwing chips at me.  Such a sweet boy!

This was our half-time show.  I cannot tell you how INTO IT Major was.  He was not just dancing along, he was seriously trying to mimic Beyonce's moves. We had to watch it twice for him.  He is so funny.

February 8:
I just thought he was cute sitting there with his little naked butt.  Neither of my kids are fans of clothes.  He has figured out how to use the iPad and loves to play this PBS kids app.

Later that day, they were "riding the train" and reading books.  I love having two little boys so close in age.  They play together so well, especially now that Major is talking.

After that Shepherd built his own train in the kitchen for them to ride.

February 9:
Brother snuggles.

Later that night, we drove to Park City to meet one of our friends for dinner.  It was so good to see a familiar Kentucky face, but I forgot to take any pictures.  I took this one of us walking back to our car.  He was so happy I let him walk instead of being carried.  Perks of a very pregnant mom!

February 10:
Shepherd holding up his Madeline book while we watched the show.  I randomly found this show on On Demand.  I always tell Shepherd this is my favorite book.  
Something I've been thinking about as a mom of all boys, is how we are going to teach our boys about girls.  Not like dating them.  But just how girls are different from them, but strong and brave and they can do all the things boys can do, etc etc.  After I started thinking about it, I realized we don't have a lot of books or shows we watch that have female leads.  Maybe thats just because we gravitate to more "boy" shows and "boy" books.  I'm sure there are strong female books and shows out there, like Sophia the 1st and Doc McStuffins.  My boys just are not into those shows.  It makes me so mad that Skye, the girl dog on Paw Patrol, is either left off of stuff, like for example they have a Paw Patrol shirt without her on it, but every other character is on it.  And I was reading Major a Paw Patrol book today and it had stickers in it...I noticed every other boy Paw Patrol member sticker was the same size, but the sticker of Skye was a lot smaller.  Just something I thought about for the first time recently and am trying to be conscious of and intentional about.


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