Everyday 2016 :: 3

Life is pretty boring around here. Less than 3 weeks until the baby is here! (2 weeks + 3 days, not that I'm counting down the minutes days!) About 2 weeks until Rhonda is here and once she's here I'm going to start jumping around trying to go into labor on my own ;) Still set on a C-section but if I were to go into labor on my own at least I'd know he was ready. 

This weekend we got the co-sleeper set up and a little changing station in our bedroom. When he's here we'll move the rocker into our bedroom too. The baby will sleep in our room for the first few months at least. I hope that goes ok. Both Shep and Maj slept in our room too, but the difference was that they also had their own rooms. So when they woke up in the night I always took them to their rooms to change diapers and nurse them back to sleep, then came back to our bedroom. Maybe by the time the baby is ready for his crib Major will be ready to share a room with Shepherd. 
Anyway. A little recap of the last week or so!

February 11:
I wish I'd gotten a picture there, this is on our way home...Joey's coworkers threw us a baby shower. It was at a restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes and we got such nice gifts. 

February 12:
I love when they lay together. 

February 13:
Always wanting to jump off something. 

February 14:
Valentine's Day dinner at Texas Roadhouse. 

February 15:
Shep wanted to see how many balls he could fit in his shirt. 

February 16:
Went to the hospital where I'll deliver for a tour. 

February 17:
Walking to the grocery. I told Shepherd sometimes having a baby in your belly makes you a crazy person because I parked clear on the other side of the parking lot not even near the grocery and we had to walk. 
Also note, Major is wearing Shep's "crocs" he's had for 2 years and is just starting to outgrow. I had crocs in parentheses because they are from Walmart and cost less than $5. But they have held up and for whatever reason both boys are obsessed with them and think they are so comfortable. I went and got some more this weekend. 

February 19:
Working on his sticker book and this is the face he makes when I ask to take his picture. 

February 20:
We met our friend Ginny (who also is Joey's boss) for dinner. Shep is a little obsessed with her. He insisted on sitting next to her and told her all sorts of stories, haha. 

February 21:
Spent the weekend getting together all of the last minute things I'm suddenly remembering I need for a new baby. It literally makes me so happy to sit alone in the Target food court and read a magazine. Also I texted my best friend and told her it's a good thing I have zero shame because I'm pretty sure I just bought the most embarrassing things someone can buy. She was like, "self checkout?" Haha, nope. Having a baby is so pretty...

After a Target run I met Joey and the boys at the neighborhood playground. Today we woke up to snow :(

The moon peeking over the mountains.  I never get over that this is my view, walking out of Walmart, driving down the street, in our front yard.  These mountains are so pretty!


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